Top Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platforms

18 Nov 2021

The world around us is constantly changing and with change it has brought along a lot of innovation and efficiency. With this innovation and efficiency, we have tried our best to make people’s lives easier and in doing so we have made use of the technology and manufacturing industries. In the process of innovation and progress, we ended up harming the environment and climate around us. The CO2 emission have increased to a point that the ozone layer has been damaged. Additionally, other harmful gases, especially fossil fuels have gravely impacted our climate. This rapid change in climate has alarmed us to make high-level changes around us in order to preserve the world that we live in. This is why in the past few decades, the world has shifted from traditional use of fossil fuels to the use of renewable green environment-friendly resources. The buzz around the world these days is all about renewable energy resources. Amongst them, the Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform is all we hear about. In this article we will learn about the best of the best Peer to Peer Energy Trading Systems that have taken over the energy industry in this decade! 

What Are Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platforms? 

The P2P energy trading is a mechanism that involves a group of participants, including but not limited to generators, consumers, and prosumers. These players can exchange energy with each other directly without the necessity of an intermediary energy supplier. This mechanism makes it easy and efficient for suppliers and consumers to provide and purchase energy respectively.

Why Are Peer to Peer Energy Trading Platforms Useful? 

Peer to Peer Energy Trading Platforms are highly useful as they make the mechanism of supply of energy fast and efficient. They remove the intermediary party between the supplier and the consumer thus making communication faster and easier. Ease of access is a key element here as Peer To Peer Energy Trading Platforms allow consumers and prosumers to avail the services on first hand basis. Additionally! Peer To Peer Energy Trading Systems also promotes transparency as all purchases are made publicly. People without access to solar panels can also trade energy easily. Interestingly enough, costs of energy trading are cut by half as well due to elimination of multiple extra elements such as the transportation costs.  

Top 9 Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Systems of 2021

The year 2021 marks as the year of immense advancements in solar power and energy generation markets. Enlisted below are the 9 most efficient and fast-growing Peer-To-Peer Energy Trading Platforms of 2021. 

Power Ledger 

Power Ledger p2p energy trading

PowerLedger (PL) is an Australian energy trading technology company that provides its customers with a platform where they can trade energy directly with one another without the involvement of an independent power company. This company came into existence in 2016, the year that marks as the year of great strides towards sustainable energy generation worldwide. The energy trading platform, PowerLedger is known to sell excess electricity to their neighbors in the hopes of improving the lives of people and giving them access to clean and sustainable energy. The company functions on one prime vision that is to become the sole company that leads the democratization of the global energy movement. PowerLedger, chaired by Dr. Jemma Green, spans across 20 countries yet has been in business for only around 4-5 years.

PowerLedger Review

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LO3 Energy

LO3 Energy is a US based energy company. The corporation was founded in 2015 by Bill Collins, the current CEO in Portland, Oregon with active projects across the US, Europe, and Japan. LO3 is an operator and developer of blockchain based Peer To Peer Energy Platforms. LO3 Energy inc. also manufactures energy equipment. Their services include offering smart meter, application program interface, blockchain and grid technologies. The products and services of LO3 Energy Inc. are highly extensible, have powerful metrics which means they can easily analyze market trends and customer behavior in an easy-to use-portal, and are highly secure and stable due to their highly scalable cloud architecture.  They develop the digital market infrastructure to help the utility and energy retail consumers and prosumers to create, deploy and monetize energy products and goods. The goal of LO3 is to revolutionize the deconstructed distribution of energy resources in power markets and ensure efficient participation of all the players that play a key role in a Peer To Peer Energy Trading Platform.

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Sonnen p2p energy trading

Sonnen is an energy-based company that is based in Wildpoldsried in the district of Oberallgäu, Germany. The corporation was founded by Christoph Ostermann and Torsten Stiefenhofer in 2010. Sonnen GmbH produces home energy storage systems with the photovoltaic solar technology. The principal target market for the products of Sonnen is private households and small businesses. Sonnen GmbH is a leading energy corporation in Germany and various other international markets. Although there are major different kinds of goods and services offered by Sonnen, but the major good that attracts the most traction is the Sonnen Batteries. In fact, Sonnen GmbH has an international community with individuals that promote and support sustainable energy. These Sonnen community members own Sonnen Batteries and are able to share their self-produced energy with other members worldwide. The Sonnen communities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy are the most popular ones. Another one of the key products of Sonnen GmbH is the Sonnen Flat Box that connects thousands of sonnenBatterie users with each other and combines numerous individual home storages into a giant pool of batteries. This “virtual storage” is large enough to buffer vast amounts of energy thereby helping to stabilize the public power grid. The main vision of Sonnen Corporation is to create a world where everyone’s energy needs are met with the help of decentralized and clean energy resources.

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SunContract is amongst the leading blockchain-based energy companies that was founded in 2016 by Gregor Novak and Mojca Bajec. It is a technology-based trading platform for peer-to-peer energy trading. SunContract allows its consumers and prosumers to buy and sell energy and other utility-related goods and services directly without having the need of an intermediary. SunContract interlinks the energy customers in an open marketplace and thus promotes a decentralized energy provision system. The Headquarters of SunContract are in Europe but its vision is to expand worldwide. SunContract strongly supports the use of renewable energy resources thus it makes use of solar, wind and geothermal energy as its prime sources for generation of energy. Their products are designed in a way that they support and provide long-term durability and resilience.

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Eemnes Energie

Eemnes Energie p2p energy trading

Eemnes Energie was founded by Ed van der Vaart in the Netherlands. The company that has the vision of becoming energy neutral by 2030 is one of the leading Peer To Peer Energy Trading Companies in the world. In order to achieve their goal Eemnes Energie invites volunteers from all over the world to come and participate in sharing awareness about sustainable energy generation. The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one and Emnes Energie does exactly that! By raising awareness about sustainable energy and the importance of renewable energy resources, Eemnes Energie allows its clients to create a safe and healthy atmosphere around it.

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Power Peers

Power Peers p2p energy trading

Lars Falch, the CEO and Co-Founder of Power Peers is making efforts to ensure that Power Peers plays its diligent role in reducing CO2 emissions at a large scale. Powerpeers is an energy company that works on the function of sustainability and efficiency. PowerPeers aims at achieving a green future and they believe that they can achieve this goal by generating clean green energy from renewable sources. They produce 100% green energy and provide it through Peer-to-Peer Trading System. They make use of high-end technology to provide their clients with ease and comfort. The P2P system allows PowerPeers to distribute energy within the power peers’ customers efficiently. The customers have the freedom to choose their own local energy sources, whether its through a solar panel or a windmill. PowerPeers offers its clients with two main features: 

  1. Offer your own solar energy 
  2. Buy a sustainable power. 

By becoming part of the PowerPeers’ community, the customers can offer their own solar energy, given that they possess ownership of solar panels, to the other members of the community. In addition to this, PowerPeers community members can also buy a sustainable power by choosing their own energy sources and even choosing their own type of gas to be used. Power Peers ensures that its clients have a clean and green access of energy that is sustainable and durable in the long run.

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We Power

Nikolaj Martyniuk and Kaspar Kaarlep founded We Power together in 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania. We power is yet another amazing Peer to Peer Trading Platform that connects energy suppliers, corporate buyers and energy producers to execute environment friendly, direct and green energy transactions. 

We Power envisions an open eco system where corporations and industrial customers face no difficulties when it comes to buying sustainable, locally produced energy at reasonable costs. In order to achieve this goal, We Power democratizes the functioning of the energy market with its clients. They connect the corporate energy buyers and energy retailers directly with green energy generators so that all kinds of businesses, small or large, all kinds of households and individuals can easily purchase or trade locally produced green energy with full transparency as all purchases are made publicly.

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Sun Exchange

Abraham Cambridge, making use of his excellent skills and knowledge in environmental sciences founded Sun Exchange, the world’s first peer-to-peer solar leasing platform. The company was founded in 2016 and currently has successfully completed 40+ solar project crowd sales worldwide. It has also expanded its members across 180 countries and has sold over 1 million solar cells which amounts to a total of 5.2 GWh of clean energy. With the help of Sun Exchange, anybody with access to internet can own solar energy producing cells and build up their investments by leasing these cells to power businesses and organizations in the energy industry. The four-step mechanism designed by Sun Exchange for their clients includes: 

  1. Sourcing Solar Projects
  2. Buying Solar Cells 
  3. Installing Solar Cells
  4. Effortless Solar Income 

Sun Exchange is responsible for easing up the trading of solar cells and other energy based products such that the clients can make their purchases from the comfort of their homes.

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Grid Singularity

Grid Singularity GmbH is also a Germany based Peer to Peer Trading Energy corporation. It works to operationalize Grid Aware Energy Markets. Grid Singularity GmbH was founded in 2016 by Ana Trbovich and Erwin Smole. GS functions on the principle of promoting innovation and democratization. This is one of the prime reasons why GS is one of the leading Peer to Peer Trading Energy Systems in the entire world even though they’ve been in business for around 4 to 5 years. As this technology is new and upcoming so the more efficient the products are, the higher the value of the company will be. Keeping this point in view, GS has designed its grid systems and products in a way to incorporate internet-based applications that ensures ease of access of the clients of Grid Singularity. They make use of block chain technologies to create an open and innovative internet based decentralized energy data exchange platform where buyers, sellers, energy generators and energy traders can easily interact and cooperate.

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In order for us to ensure a nice and sustainable livelihood for the generations yet to come, we need to understand the importance of sustainable and clean energy generation. Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading System is a step in this direction and can help open avenues for us to create a better world! 


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