Greenbacker 104MW Utah solar farm goes live
procedure of its biggest solar farm, the 104MW Graphite Solar project in Utah, United States. The site is providing electrical power to Meta's close-by
Jul 29, 2022 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, USA, Charles Wheeler, North America, Facebook, greenbacker, solar farm, meta
rPlus Energies begins building on 200-MW Utah solar project
2016, Three Peaks Solar was the second utility-scale solar project created in Utah by the very same leadership team that now heads rPlus Energies. " We are
Nov 1, 2022 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, USA, Utah, North America, Solar Project, rPlus Energies
UMPA, sPower sign agreement for 80MW PV project in Utah
Utah Municipal Power Agency (UMPA) has signed off on an agreement with sPower to provide renewable energy to six cities within the state by way of an 80MW PV installation.  This new solar plant, which will be constructed in Juab County, will be providing 80MW of renewable energy for member cities within UMPA’s service area. The site also represents a capital expenditure of approximately US$80 million into Juab County.  Since 1980, UMPA has been the electrical provider to the cities of Provo, Spanish Fork, Nephi, Salem, Manti and Levan. Provo Mayor Michelle Kaufusi said: “Since becoming mayor, we have been pushing for adding more renewable sources to Provo’s electricity mix. For some time, we have watched the growth of roof top solar in our community and now we will be adding this large solar project to the mix. Provo has been very active in reducing its carbon footprint based on the efforts of Provo’s Sustainability Committee and our energy efficiency programs. We are grateful for the employees at Provo Power in providing reliable service and keeping our lights on.” sPower will be the owner and operator of the Clover Creek project, which will employ approximately 300 workers during its 4-6 month construction phase. Despite boasting a PV/wind pipeline with over 1,650MW of installed capacity, the Clover Creek site stands as sPower’s first utility scale project developed in Utah, its home state.  sPower CEO Ryan Creamer said: “We are excited to be a long-term neighbor in Juab County, and look forward to creating supportive relationships with the county, school district and other local businesses. Developing solar power in Utah is important to sPower, because we live, work and play here – it is our home. Working cooperatively towards a common goal with UMPA, Rocky Mountain Power and numerous other teams has been critical in bringing this agreement together. I am proud of this milestone and the hard work that has been demonstrated to date.” Utah boasts a rather robust PV market, with nearly 800MW of PV capacity installed within the state over the last five years.  Earlier this month, the US Solar Fund (USF) closed on both the acquisition and financing of 100% of the cash equity interests in the 128MW Milford Solar Project, located in Beaver County, Utah. Construction on the installation is expected to begin immediately, with full commercial operations expected before the end of 2020.  In May, Facebook signed off on a PPA for 122MW worth of PV capacity that will be used to power the company’s Eagle Mountain data centre. Construction of the 122MW Cove Mountain 2 PV site is slated to start in late 2019 and lead to commercial launch during 2020. 
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DE Shaw buys 180MW project duo from First Solar in Utah
Shaw Renewable Investments has purchased two neighbouring PV projects in Utah contracted to provide power to Facebook from developer First Solar.   The
Oct 25, 2019 // Manufacturing News, Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, California, USA, First Solar, utility-scale PV, Utah, North America, Facebook, PacifiCorp, d. e. shaw renewable investments
D.E. Shaw's 180-MW Utah solar projects will certainly support Facebook information centers
of DESRI. "These are the very first of DESRI's renewable energy projects in Utah to reach commercial procedure, standing for an important turning point in our
Apr 14, 2021 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Facebook, DESRI, Solar Project, David Zwillinger, D. E. Shaw Renewable Investments‘, Sam Buechner
McCarthy completes 128-MW solar project in Utah
project is situated on 750 acres simply north of Milford, Utah. McCarthy acted as EPC contractor for the project, which is owned by United States Solar Fund
Dec 18, 2020 // Plants, USA, North America, Solar Project, McCarthy, Whitney Voute, Scott Canada
DESRI Shuts Funding of 80 MW Sigurd Solar Project in Utah
DESRI is pleased to begin building on its 4th utility-scale solar project in Utah and bring top notch jobs to Sevier County." Even more, the Sigurd Solar
Jun 16, 2020 // Markets & Finance News, Facebook, PacifiCorp, hsbc, d. e. shaw renewable investments, International, DESRI, Solar Project, City National Bank, David Zwillinger, Eric Heintz, James Wright, M&T, Oakwood Construction Services, Sigurd Solar project, Societe Generale
Greenbacker acquires 20-MW solar package in Utah
renewables investor has bought the possessions from their programmer Energy of Utah for an unrevealed amount. The portfolio concerned consists of the West River
Jun 9, 2021 // Plants, Markets & Finance News, USA, PPA, Utah, North America, greenbacker
USF completes acquisition, financing of 128MW PV project in Utah
equity interests in the 128MW Milford Solar Project, located in Beaver County, Utah.    Construction on the installation is expected to begin
Sep 3, 2019 // Markets & Finance News, USA, First Solar, Utah, North America, usf, longroad energy, Gillian Nott, Liam Thomas
US DOE commits over US$ 500m to Utah green hydrogen hub
Advanced Clean Energy Storage Project in Utah has initially been made to utilize renewable resource to power a 220MW of electrolyser to produce up to 100
Apr 28, 2022 // Markets & Finance News, USA, Utah, North America, mitsubishi, green hydrogen, doe
rPlus Energies is creating Utah's largest solar + storage space project
Emery County, Utah, has actually been an energy community for a long time," stated Luigi Resta, president and chief executive officer of rPlus Energies. "With
Oct 26, 2022 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, Storage, USA, North America, rPlus Energies, Luigi Resta, Craig Eller
Fluence opening up new agreement making center in Utah to serve United States market
has actually not disclosed the manufacturer it has partnered with for the Utah website. Lead times for project distributions throughout the energy storage
Aug 9, 2022 // Storage, USA, manufacturing, Ireland, Europe, Utah, investment, lithium-ion, North America, Fluence
D.E. Shaw acquires 180 MW of Utah solar from First Solar
First Solar’s Cove Mountain and Cove Mountain 2 projects in Iron County, Utah. The acquisition of the two projects, the sales of which were previously
Oct 23, 2019 // Plants, Large-Scale, Commercial, Markets & Finance News, USA, China, First Solar, Asia, North America, Georges Antoun, D.E. Shaw, Bryan Martin
HSGS-Ameresco to build 1.5-MW solar project for U.S. Army base in Utah
Depot is a United State Army Joint Artilleries Command post in Tooele Country, Utah. The post has actually mainly served as a storage site for book and training
May 11, 2022 // Plants, USA, Utah, North America, Solar Project, Dave McNeil, Nicole Bulgarino, HSGS-Ameresco
Utah-Based Power Innovations sets brand-new Hydrogen Fuel Cells Record
Utah-based energy services carrier Power Innovations has actually introduced that it has actually efficiently completed a spots 48-hour examination with Hydrogen Fuel Cells. In the test, which set a brand-new Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) record, the company powered a complete information centre web server lots-- 200 kW of hyperscale computers and computer system simulators-- for 48 continual hours with HFCs, increasing the previous record of 24 hours, which was established by the firm last year. By running 4 automobile gas cells in parallel to generate 10,500+ kWh of pollution-free power in 48 hrs, Power Innovation's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Innovation Lab established a brand-new record for hydrogen-generated computer system back-up power. This successful examination demonstrates that hydrogen power is a feasible, long duration, pollution-free solution to data centre main and backup power needs. What occurred throughout this historical 48-hour examination: 10,560 kWh of power was created 51 kg of hydrogen was taken in 7,000 + L of pure water was generated " Not many people learn about the international crisis handy related to data centres, however it's something that Power Innovations understands and is exerting to conquer. In the United States alone, information centres call for 90 billion kWh of electricity annually. To place that right into viewpoint, that's as much electricity as is produced in 34 large 500-megawatt coal-powered plants. The numbers are much more astonishing when thinking about the international footprint: roughly 416 terawatts of electricity are required to power data centres around the globe. As huge as these numbers are, they're only growing. Data centre capability increases every three years as well as electricity usage from information centres increases every 4. With this much-projected development, an option for tidy power is critical," the firm provided in its statement. Presently, information centres normally count on two sources of backup power- an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) as well as a diesel generator. The UPS tool takes over in the case of a power failure and acts as a transitional power supply for the 5-10 mins it requires to turn on a diesel generator. Well-maintained diesel generators can maintain power streaming for as long as they have gasoline. Nonetheless, they have substantial downsides, including not starting when required, being noisy and filthy, having high upkeep tasks and costs, and also creating an excessive quantity of vibrations and also undesirable carbon discharges. Alternatively, Hydrogen Fuel Cells supply several benefits over standard UPS and also diesel generator back-up remedies. HFCs load a typical UPS and also generator done in one device-- eliminating twin maintenance costs as well as flooring room. HFCs are virtually maintenance free, vibration cost-free, silent, and also can produce bountiful, tidy power for days on end. " HFCs create absolutely no carbon exhausts despite for how long they are run. That indicates they can be safely used interior or outdoor-- a significant advantage to current options," noted Robert L Mount-- CEO as well as Founder of Power Innovations. In addition, with HFCs you obtain power plus water as well as heating/cooling. "We're not only providing power to maintain the requirements of life and also service, but we're likewise providing substantial amounts of distilled water. When was the last time your diesel generator offered you water?" " This special test has offered reliability for a fuel cell application for data centres, which changes both the UPS and also the diesel generator as well as generates no carbon emissions."
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