Largest solar power stations in Saudi Arabia

Top biggest solar photovoltaic power stations in Saudi Arabia.

(Updated 19 July 2021)

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Solar power stations, PV farms 2021 in Saudi Arabia

Name Location State Capacity MWp or MWAC (*) Annual Output GWh Land Size km² On grid Remarks Developer

Sakaka solar project


Al Jouf





National Renewable Energy Program (NREP)

Solar power in Saudi Arabia

Oil demand is expected to decline in the future and the fossil fuel's reserves are finite, therefore one of the world's top producers and exporters is following the global trend of diversifying energy sources. The vast and dry parts of Saudi Arabia are thought to be a tremendous center for solar potential. The Kingdom, which is rich in sunlight and gas, is diversifying its domestic power supply, and firms like Saudi Aramco have been deploying photovoltaic panels as a renewable energy source since the 1980s. Saudi Arabia has been transitioning away from burning crude oil to produce electricity, first switching to gas-fired plants and then to wind and solar projects. The kingdom recently increased its objective for renewable energy generation by 2024 from 9.5GW to 27.3GW.

Sakaka plant

The 300-MW Sakaka plant in Saudi Arabia's first utility-scale renewable energy project was officially inaugurated by ACWA Power, a Saudi power-producing firm. The kingdom's representatives expressed their hope that the plant will prove to be a landmark in the country's energy transition. The Sakaka solar plant is a 300-megawatt solar photovoltaic farm that was built on a 6-square-kilometer land near Sakaka in Saudi Arabia's Al-Jawf region. Sakaka Solar Company is in charge of its development and management (SSEC). The plant is a joint venture between AquaPower and SSEC, with AquaPower owning 70% and SSEC owning 30%. It is Saudi Arabia's first solar project on a utility scale. Work on this $320 million farm began in November 2018 and was completed in November 2019.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman revealed that the Kingdom has secured deals for seven new solar power plants to be developed across the kingdom, in addition to the Sakaka project. The projects are part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, which intends to transition the kingdom away from oil and toward renewable energy.




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