Largest solar power stations in Portugal

Top biggest solar photovoltaic power stations in Portugal.

(Updated 19 July 2021)

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Solar power stations, PV farms 2021 in Portugal

Name Location State Capacity MWp or MWAC (*) Annual Output GWh Land Size km² On grid Remarks Developer

Serpa solar power plant





60 ha


Central Fotovoltaica Hércules


Solar power in Portugal

Solar energy is becoming a more important part of the Portuguese energy mix. Solar installed capacity reached 1.03 GW by the end of 2020, accounting for 3.6 percent of the total production of power. Portugal established a target of 6.4 gigawatts of installed capacity by 2023, with a goal of 9 gigawatts by 2030. A plant in Coruche will generate seventy megawatt-hours each year. The head of “Society for Agroindustrial Development”, voiced dissatisfaction with Portuguese legislation that limit microgeneration output capacity, claiming that they only installed a tenth of what they needed. In Portugal, interest in solar power is skyrocketing. The Secretary of Energy, João Galamba said that there would be further solar auctions, soon one in the second quarter of 2020 and that there were over 80-gigawatt projects awaiting review and permission. In January 2020, Portugal built a system for the fitting of small-scale rooftop solar installations, which immediately went into effect.

Serpa Solar power plant

Serpa, an eleven-megawatt solar power plant in Portugal, began construction in June 2006 and was finished in January 2007. The plant is made up of a photovoltaic system that converts sunlight directly into energy employing silicon solar cell technology. Sanyo, SunPower, and Sharp manufacture 52,000 photovoltaic modules for the Serpa solar power plant. The plant follows the Sun's daily passage through the sky with new tracking technology. This plant is located on a 60-hectare (150-acre) hillside, is a prototype of clean energy production combined with agriculture. When compared to fossil fuel generation, this project decreases greenhouse gas emissions by more than thirty thousand tons per year.

The Moura Photovoltaic Power Station

The Amareleja or Moura Photovoltaic Power Station is a huge power station located in Amareleja, Portugal. It is one of the biggest power plants, and it is located in one of Europe's sunniest places.  It was constructed in two steps, the first of which was completed in 2008 in 13 months and the second of which was completed in 2010. The entire work cost more than 250 million with more than 376,000 solar panels, the power plant has a capacity of 62 MWp. On fixed structures, approximately 190,000 panels are installed, while 52 thousand Euro worth panels are installed on single-axis trackers. 

Future Project

In Portugal, Galp begins construction on its first large-scale solar PV installation. The Alcoutim 144 megawatt project, which was given to a partnership led by Jayme da Costa and Visabeira, is set to be active in the first quarter of next year. Galp has more than 900 megawatts of solar energy capacity in operation, making it the third-largest solar energy generator in Iberia.  In southern Portugal, the project consists of four solar units. The estimated yearly electricity generation of 250,000 MWh will power more than 80,000 houses while avoiding the release of 75,000 tons of Carbon dioxide.



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