Zimbabwe gold mine to be powered by PV

Sep 8, 2020 12:15 PM ET
  • Caledonian Mining has exposed strategies to build a $13 million solar plant at the Blanket golden goose in southern Zimbabwe. It elevated funds for the project via a share sale.
Zimbabwe gold mine to be powered by PV
Image: Atimedia, pixabay

Canada-based Caledonia Mining has actually exposed strategies to make use of US$ 13 million it increased through a current share issuance to back the growth of a solar plant at its Blanket golden goose near Gwanda, Zimbabwe.

The business, which is detailed on the New York Stock Exchange, intends to build the $18 million PV project in 3 6.55 MW stages. It anticipates the second phase of the facility to produce enough electrical power to fulfill peak need at the mine. As well as it will plan the third phase of the project to fulfill future peak power need at the Blanket website.

" Excess power generated by the plant would, based on the final thought of a financial arrangement with the energy company, be metered and also sent off onto the grid with excess kilowatt-hours banked or attributed versus Blanket's month-to-month utility account," Caledonia Mining said. "The bankability of the banking agreement is for that reason critical for the success of phase 2."

The firm tendered the PV project in October. At the time, it said that the plant owner would certainly need to give the mine with power under a 13-year contract. The proprietor would also have to be open to enabling the mine operator to take a risk in the project. The tender consisted of an energy storage element, yet it has not been included in the first stage. Caledonia Mining did not provide any kind of added information regarding the storage space prepares in its site upgrade.

Zimbabwe desperately requires new power generation capacity, as it imports a lot of its electricity from South Africa. This plan has ended up being bothersome as a result of recurring concerns connected to troubled South African energy Eskom.

To reduce the effect of constant power shortages, Caledonia Mining is operating diesel generators with a generation ability of 18.4 MW at the Blanket mine. This suffices to provide around 3% of the website's power demands.

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