X-Elio starts up Japanese solar plant

Jan 31, 2023 05:20 PM ET
  • 16MW Sodegaura PV facility has been financed by investment banks ING and also Societe Generale
X-Elio starts up Japanese solar plant
Image: X-Elio

X-Elio has attached a 16MW solar project in Japan to the grid.

The Sodegaura solar plant in Japan, which set you back $55.71 m to construct, has been funded by investment banks ING as well as Societe Generale.

A delegation from X-Elio recently checked out the PV plant to celebrate the commissioning.

X-Elio CEO Lluís Noguera, along with X-Elio chief running officer Fernando Lacaci as well as country supervisor in Japan, Luis Perezagua checked out the plant.

Noguera stated: "We will certainly remain to function to recognize and also create new projects that will certainly enable Japan to accelerate its energy transition to clean energy, sustaining its 'Beyond-Zero' CO2 decrease roadmap and also reinforcing our setting in the nation."

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