Wärtsilä Picked by RWE for 80 MWh Energy Storage Space Project

Apr 7, 2021 11:02 AM ET
  • Wärtsilä has gotten the award of a 40 MW/ 80 MWh DC-coupled solar plus storage space system in Georgia, USA from RWE Renewables.
Wärtsilä Picked by RWE for 80 MWh Energy Storage Space Project
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The innovation group Wärtsilä has actually bagged the honor of a contract to supply a designed devices delivery (EEQ) of a 40 MW/ 80 MWh DC-coupled solar plus storage space system to the Hickory Park Solar project in Georgia, UNITED STATES, from RWE Renewables, one of the globe's leading renewable energy companies.

The Wärtsilä system will certainly make it possible for a subsidiary of RWE Renewables, Hickory Park Solar, to sell almost 200 MW of generation from the solar PV panels to Georgia Power Firm. The order was reserved by Wärtsilä in Q4 2020.

The Hickory Park Solar project will see the deployment of GridSolv Quantum, Wärtsilä's next-generation energy storage space system (ESS). The project is currently created with CATL batteries. With performance a vital attribute, GridSolv Quantum is a fully integrated modular and also small solution that allows an all natural and also intuitive ESS, while keeping a minimal style to alleviate the range and also intricacy of implementation activities. The remedy likewise supplies the most affordable lifecycle prices and also the smallest system impact.

The co-located energy storage space system will certainly be DC-coupled with the planetary system, allowing a variety of benefits, such as improved system effectiveness, reduced equilibrium of plant expenses, and also clipped solar recapture. With storage space affixed to the solar system, the batteries can be charged with excess solar generation when the PV reaches its height as well as would certainly or else start clipping. The saved energy can be introduced right into the grid at the appropriate time, maximising the value of the system's generation.

"For us, this is a turning point project of renewable combination including solar PV plus energy storage, with the batteries being billed entirely from the planetary system. It is among the really few projects worldwide on this range making use of DC-coupling. The versatility and wide abilities of the GEMS software make it possible for effective as well as efficient control over the whole system, which is crucial in this 80 MWh project with the GridSolv Quantum ESS," said Andy Tang, Vice President, Energy Storage Space as well as Optimisation, Wärtsilä Energy.

Along with the storage system, the companies' advanced GEMS Digital Energy Platform will certainly regulate the whole crossbreed plant, consisting of close to 200 MW solar PV and also a 80 MWh GridSolv Quantum energy storage space system. GEMS monitors, synchronises, and optimises generation assets at increments of 100 nanoseconds, utilizing machine learning and historical as well as real-time information analytics to adjust the kind of generation needed at any type of specific time, all under a single portfolio.

And the firms' IntelliBidder auto-bidding solution permits Hickory Park Solar to supply Georgia Power a day-ahead firming solar plus storage profile, which will certainly enhance the predictability of the recurring generation. The cloud-based IntelliBidder makes use of artificial intelligence as well as algorithms based on automated and also anticipated data, taking real-time trading and also integrating it with a clever control platform that gives value-based asset administration and also portfolio optimisation.

Delivery of the Wärtsilä tools is arranged for September 2021, as well as the plant is anticipated to start industrial operations in November of that year. Wärtsilä has actually previously provided energy storage space options to RWE Renewables in Texas and also Arizona, USA.

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