Wärtsilä Inks Battery Supply Deal with EVE Energy

Sep 13, 2023 12:21 PM ET
  • Wärtsilä partners with EVE Energy to supply 3.5GW of battery energy storage systems to key markets, promoting a stable and efficient energy supply and increasing renewable energy integration. EVE Energy plans to enhance its global service capabilities to support this industry-wide goal.
Wärtsilä Inks Battery Supply Deal with EVE Energy

Wärtsilä has signed a multi-year supply agreement with EVE Energy to supply its 3.5GW pipeline of battery energy storage system orders across key markets. The LFP battery cells supplied by EVE Energy will be used in Wärtsilä’s GridSolv Quantum energy storage system, which is designed to support the integration of storage into electricity grids and the increase of renewable energy. Wärtsilä is also taking other strategic measures to diversify and strengthen its supply chain in response to industry-wide disruptions. EVE Energy is looking to further enhance its global service capabilities and make significant contributions to the new energy industry.

What Steps is Wärtsilä Taking to Strengthen its Supply Chain?

  • Developing strong partnerships with global component suppliers
  • Improving internal expertise in supply chain management
  • Investing in digitalization to better monitor the supply chain
  • Enabling more efficient sourcing by developing global purchasing teams
  • Creating more diversified and flexible production capacities
  • Optimizing logistic processes and streamlining delivery
  • Exploring the use of renewable energy and sustainable materials in production processes
  • Developing a comprehensive supplier risk management system to identify and address problems before they occur


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