Wind and Solar Supply One-Tenth of India's Power in 2020

Jan 26, 2021 10:32 AM ET
  • Total power generation is down 3% in 2020 over last year.
  • Hydro imports from Bhutan enhanced by 60% in 2020.

Wind and also solar power plants created 9.3% of all grid-based power need in India in 2020-- a boost from their 8% share in 2019.

Solar power generation enhanced by a quarter in 2020 over 2019 as a result of a bigger fleet. Wind generation was 5% reduced in 2020 contrasted to 2019. This was in spite of higher mounted capacity, as a result of lower wind rates with the year, particularly during August-October.

The 'need to run' status of renewables and lower generation from other technologies as a result of weak power need additionally helped increase the share of wind and solar in the generation mix.

Coal and also gas power plants provided 73% of total power need in 2020, down from 75% in 2019. Other zero-carbon sources like hydro, nuclear as well as biomass supplied 17% of electricity in 2020, contrasted to 16% in 2019.

The share of wind and solar in Indian generation mix will certainly raise in future as companies such as Tata Power, Renew Power, Adani Green Energy, Azure, Acme as well as NTPC build 37 gigawatts of brand-new projects auctioned in the last two years.