What is Mobile Charging Service for EVs?

Nov 15, 2022 10:10 AM ET
What is Mobile Charging Service for EVs?

Imagine driving your Tesla, running out of battery, and there are no visible EV charging stations on google maps. Have you ever thought of a mobile solution that will help you charge your electric car anytime and anywhere? No worries, services for electric-driven vehicles enhance rapidly!

Plenty of fast-delivered emergency mobile EV charging systems evolved to catch up with the demand for electric drives while infrastructure lags. Moreover, the technology is now available for any type of electric vehicle charger.

Mobile charging for EVs - What is it?

In plain words, an electric vehicle mobile charging system is a portable technological solution able to power-up an electric-driven car far out of a stationary charger with its own capacities. The system has powerful built-in battery packs to supply the customer's needs.

Mobile EV chargers are also evolving as a perfect solution for businesses that deal with or are compatible with all-electric vehicles, like car dealers, fleets, or taxi operators. Why? Let's look at the major perks of electric vehicle mobile chargers.

Mobile EV charger key benefits

From the business viewpoint, the advantages of launching a portable electric car charging service rather than fixed power charger stations are obvious:

  • Fast deployment. Rather than spending time on technologically complex, fixed infrastructural solutions, businesses can deploy mobile EV charging systems in days, not weeks or even months. 

  • Cost-effective. Complicated construction projects are expensive. So why spend more if you can take advantage of mobility and pay less? Use prebuilt solutions and save money for your company's other efforts. Mobile EV charging also requires lower maintenance costs.

  • No permissions. All mobile electric car charging services use the existing electrical infrastructure. No additional local regulations or permits to overcome.

  • Location flexibility. Optimize placement and scale with ease. Don’t become vested in a place because of a stationary EV charging solution. Even use roadside and remote areas. No limits!

From the customer's point of view, you get easy access to chargers anywhere for any type of car, lower costs and never worry about somebody taking over your EV parking lot. From today your EV charging parking lot can literally be anywhere!

How to pick the best mobile charging units for electric cars?

Buying such a piece of equipment should always fit your personal parameters, demands, and goals. But when choosing a mobile EV charging kit, key things to consider are manufacturer, input & output options, battery type & system architecture, dimensions, design, indicators, and cable length. Communication options and ease-of-use is also the key if you’re providing the service to an average customer. Make sure that both the producer and seller are trustworthy.

Most people prefer effective all-in-one mobile car charging solutions, like the one manufactured by Setec Power. Their emergency mobile EV charging system can power up any DC-compatible EV through CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, or Tesla lightning fast. Setec Power helps you to reduce operating expenditures by dodging the elevated electricity rates associated with supplemental power during peak hours.

Setec Power is one of the leading EV charger producers, operating for almost 20 years. The company is heavily evolved in the research & development of the EV market, believing that the human future is all electric. Setec provides a wide range of mobile electric infrastructure solutions from low to high power capacity.


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