WEnergy Global & Partners Win Biggest Tender for Power Grids in Philippines

Sep 9, 2022 12:11 PM ET
  • Singapore's WEnergy Global, collectively with Maharlika Clean Power Holdings as well as Clean Grid Partners, collectively referred to as the Maharlika Consortium, with their Special Purpose Vehicle, Island Chain Renewables Corporation, has actually authorized a Qualified Third Party (QTP) Service Contract to stimulate over 7,100 families as well as 300 tiny local companies with 16 microgrids spread over 14 barangays in 7 towns throughout the service location of the Palawan Electric Cooperative (PALECO) in Palawan, Philippines.

The consortium emerged as the champion of the lately ended QTP tender of PALECO to support its required for complete rural electrification in the district, satisfying the stringent eligibility and renewable energy smart microgrid capability requirements established by PALECO as well as the Department of Energy (DOE) in a competitive option procedure.

It will certainly be replicating WEnergy Global's prize-winning flagship microgrid in differing dimensions of microgrids, which has been providing 24/7 electrical power to the homes and also organizations of Barangay Cabayugan, home to the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a UNESCO Globe Heritage Site as well as one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

Engaging Private Sector in Rural Off-Grid Electrification

" This tender is unique for the Philippines. It is the first time in background that smart as well as clean microgrids have actually been packaged for an affordable choice process. It clearly shows the urgency with which DOE, NEA and PALECO are making it possible for private sector engagement in rural off-grid and clean electrification. The Philippines still has over 10 million people with unmet access to electricity. The very best technology to electrify the community and also boost their efficiency for the very best tolls and the most affordable dependence on subsidies and also dependence on fossil fuels was picked. With this turning point, we can supply clean, dependable, and also affordable energy to encourage individuals, households, and also enterprises in remote communities across Palawan," stated Quintin Pastrana, President of Maharlika Clean Power Holdings, Inc.

" The consortium companions were chosen by PALECO via our proposals and also awards committee as well as approved by our Board of Directors, due to their high-grade proposition, conformity, liable ownership of off-grid power infrastructure, and excellence in preparation, design, engineering, and also technology selection, which are commercially feasible and with the highest levels of social influence. They have actually also satisfied the greatest criteria of clean power supply, transmission, circulation, as well as smart payment and also collection services provided to households as well as organizations to support our mandate of total country electrification in Palawan," said Jeffrey Y. Tan-Endriga, Chairman of PALECO.

Filling the Gap in Southeast Asia's Clean Energy Demand

Southeast Asia's energy demand is among the highest possible on the planet, growing by as much as 80% in the last two decades. It continues to be greatly reliant on fossil fuels, with coal, diesel as well as gas supplying 75% of the region's electricity. Nonetheless, about 100 million homeowners in the area still do not have access to electrical power.

While the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has a verbalized target of 23% renewable resource in its total key energy supply by 2025, the area needs to conquer financing challenges, consisting of limited private sector funding.

" Financiers need to take into consideration funding smart microgrids and build the appropriate capacity within their establishments to recognize such new kinds of framework. Today they do not, therefore they stay away and return to service as usual. This includes IFC, ADB, FMO and business banks. A couple of regional financial institutions are working on such offers as well as they take a constructive as well as finding out strategy, which is necessary. Since, Not only do microgrids help with access to electricity of country communities, they additionally allow real sustainable development and resilience at the community degree. The microgrids that we create can be conveniently scaled as well as replicated," specified Atem Ramsundersingh, CEO as well as Board Director of WEnergy Global. "Taking into consideration the unmet requirement across Southeast Asia, many particularly in archipelagic nations such as the Philippines as well as Indonesia, economic sector funding have to be mobilized to satisfy the area's SDGs beyond the degree of simply relabeling existing old funds to be 'ESG quality'.".

Powering rural communities with smart microgrids also makes economic feeling for the Philippine government, especially each time of volatility as well as uncertainty.

" The renewable energy in the grid mix is helping the government conserve PHP 7 million of aids from the Promoter Electrification Fund every year, which, for instance, within of 10 years would certainly be a matching of electrifying 1,000 houses. Compared with conventional diesel-powered systems, this infrastructure will certainly save more than 1.1 million litres of gasoline being burned annually, enhancing the energy safety and security of Palawan and Philippines in general in these times of substantial market volatilities. The exceptional leaders and pleased citizens of Palawan raise the district as a leader in clean energy to affirm its acknowledgment as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve," added Ramsundersingh.

Cultivating Local Development, Uplifting Living Standards.

The complete investment to be made by the consortium is approximated at PHP 1 billion (USD 18 million) to construct a circulation network, containing approximately 175 km of primary and second power lines, that is stimulated by 3,800 kWp solar PV, 2,000 kW diesel generators, and batteries with a complete capacity of 4,200 kWh.

" A real example of decentralized electrification is powered by more than 50% solar PV energy over its lifetime. Using smart innovations and also kept track of in real-time with satellite communications, these systems will create secure top quality of electricity in terms of voltage, present and also frequency at an affordable cost," claimed Fabian Weber, Director of System Design & Technologies with WEnergy Global.

" Our team believe in decentralized and also smart microgrids due to the fact that it is equipping communities with in your area readily available renewable resource. Every family members will have the ability to use electrical appliances and also machines, including e-vehicles, and also enhance their revenue degrees. Kids will certainly have the ability to research by means of on-line education and learning. There will be connection in medical care services, including vaccinations throughout pandemics. Fundamental services such as streetlighting to raise safety and security and also safety and security can currently be offered on a 24/7 basis. Palawan communities can now demonstrate the greenest way of livings," claimed Ochi Takaki, Board Director of CleanGrid Partners.

This development likewise attests campaigns being required to accomplish sustainable development in Palawan.

" This is a company, favorable action that supports the Philippines' dedication to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially Access to Affordable, Clean Energy and also Climate Action. The Maharlika Consortium's investment and procedures will certainly give a driver to greater service and economic task in our cherished residence district. Beyond an increase in tourist financial investments and also arrivals, the electricity facilities will stimulate the development of more business to boost the standard of life of Palaweños and also make Palawan a true model for inclusive, lasting development" claimed Dennis Socrates, Guv of Palawan.

About Consortium Partners:

Maharlika Clean Power Holdings Corporation (" MCPHC"), is a joint endeavor business based in Metro Manila, appropriately arranged as well as included under the legislations of the Republic of the Philippines. MCPHC is focused on advancing last mile distribution options for country electrification throughout the Philippines, starting with our introducing investment as well as bulk possession (75%) of the first-rate SREC microgrid in Sabang, City of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, under the Philippine Government QTP guidelines and guidelines. MCPHC has access to regional and global technology partners and also funding establishments aiming at contributing to the SDGs and also supporting Climate Actions.

CleanGrid Partners (" CGP"), is a joint venture business based in Singapore, duly organized and also included under the legislations of the Republic of Singapore. CleanGrid Partners is developed by market leaders WEnergy Global (Singapore), TEPCO PowerGrid Corporation (Japan), through Greenway Grid Global Pte Ltd (Singapore), and ICMG Partners (Singapore). CGP is concentrated on investing, having and also running off-grid power framework electrifying rural communities, new areas and industrial estates using innovative storage systems and smart financing to create world class solutions for clean, dependable and also affordable electrical power for consumers, communities as well as host countries. CGP, as an investment company, plans to add to the Climate Adjustment agenda and also the SDGs in the ASEAN region with the development of a portfolio of USD 500 Million of clean power infrastructure.

WEnergy Global Pte Ltd (" WEG"), a firm properly arranged and incorporated under the regulations of the Republic of Singapore. WEG is a leader in development, making, structure, owning, funding and operating renewable energy power framework, consisting of power generation, energy storage space and transmission as well as circulation systems. WEG has actually been the developer of SREC, ASEAN's very first clean microgrid making up 14 km of transmission as well as distribution lines powered by a hybrid power generation system including solar PV (1,400 kWp), Diesel generators (1,200 kW) as well as a 2,400 kWh Battery Storage System. WEG, collectively with and as shareholder of CGP, has been dealing with technological specialists of TEPCO PowerGrid on developing microgrids in Papua New Guinea as well as Myanmar, and also WEG has actually brought several financial investments research studies on the decarbonization of existing diesel-powered island grids through using solar PV and Battery Storage Systems (" BSS") Indonesia territories on Pulau Sumba in Nusa Tenggah Tengara (NTT). WEG is additionally a crucial supplier of a number of types of services associated with rooftop solar for commercial and commercial customers in Philippines (via WEnergy Power Pilipinas Incorporation), Singapore and also Indonesia. WEG has won a number of global awards for sustainability and also technology, including its design as well as construction help the off-grid illumination of the 23 km of ring roadway of the Bangkok International Airport terminal, making use of solar PV, BSS as well as top quality LED lights that had zero defects in the past 7 years of being into procedure. We describe:.

Jointly, the consortium members have been running their flagship investment-- the Sabang Renewable Energy Corporation (SREC) on the planet Heritage website of Sabang, Barangay Cabayugan, City of Puerto Princesa, Palawan under the very same QTP program and under the auspices of PALECO since August 2019/.

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