Volkswagen plans to reach 1.5 million e-vehicle sales by 2025

Jan 3, 2020 06:00 PM ET
  • Volkswagen is planning to make 1.5m of EVs in the year 2025. 1m of e-vehicles are expected to be sold before the end of 2023, which is 2 years ahead of the previously announced plan.
Volkswagen plans to reach 1.5 million e-vehicle sales by 2025

Volkswagen is going to invest €11bn in the self-named brand as part of the total €33bn investment in the group’s subsidiaries over the four years to come. The money allocated is meant to back up the company’s ambition to turn into the global electric mobility leader during the coming years. The recently announced goals include 1.5m of e-cars manufactured in 2025 and 1m of EVs sold in four years from now (2 years ahead of the previous schedule).

The automotive concern is going to expand manufacturing of EVs during 2020. The model ID.3 will become commercially available by the middle of the year. The ID series will be supplemented by other models. This year, VW will introduce its first fully electric sport utility vehicle, the production of which is also planned to begin before the end of the year. The e-S.U.V. will be manufactured at Zwickau-based factory. 

Among other plans for the year, VW’s second international fab, located in the Chinese town of Anting, will begin manufacturing of e-cars on the basis of modular electric drive matrix.

VW has recently founded a new unit – Elli (Electric Life). The branch, responsible for e-vehicle charging infrastructure, is already serving over 10 thousand clients. VW is constructing new charge points within the framework of its goal to install 36 thousand Europe-based recharging points in five years. 

The car giant is also starting to develop, test and produce battery cells in collaboration with Sweden’s Northvolt. The construction of the Salzgitter-based 16-GWh batt manufacturing facility will begin this year. The fab is expected to become operational by the turn of the year 2023-24.