Vision glass glass by Solarwatt can withstand Australia’s cyclones

Feb 2, 2020 04:25 PM ET
  • Vision glass glass solar technology developed by the European market leader Solarwatt has successfully passed tests for cyclone resistance in Darwin – the capital city of Australian Northern Territory.
Vision glass glass by Solarwatt can withstand Australia’s cyclones
Image: Solarwatt Australia

Supporters of backsheet and glass glass technologies have long been arguing on which solution is better. Each of the techniques has its own pros and cons. Backsheet solar modules are more lightweight and easy-to-operate and maintain. As for glass glass panels, they are becoming thinner and lighter as well. But the main attraction of glass glass devices is their withstandability to tough environmental conditions, which is a prerequisite for plenty of locations globally.

Not long ago, Vision glass glass modules from Solarwatt have gained approval for application under Australian cyclones. The panels have been tested in Australian city of Darwin by Albright Consulting Engineers in simulated conditions. The device has proven much more resilient and efficient under severe conditions compared to its rivals. It has succeeded in resisting vertical design load of 6.52kPa. 

The achievement has become possible, because the modules were improved against cracking. The latter is among key reasons of defect appearance in glass glass bifacial panels. About two years ago, DuPont noted that a glass glass system tends to bow and break under the influence of its own weight. The leading German PV manufacturer has minimized the defect.

However, it is not clear if Vision glass glass devices are resistant enough to corrosion in fingers, ribbons and bus-bars, which has been pointed out by DuPont as the main reason for power losses.

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