Virtually 16 GW of renewables projects accumulated in Colombia in 2019-2021

Jun 10, 2021 11:54 AM ET
  • Colombia has 15,893 MW of recurring renewable resource projects in the advancement pipeline, according to the current stats released by the mining as well as energy preparation unit UPME with May 31 as the cut-off date.

The recommended clean capability, which additionally includes all kinds of hydropower, is split in between 310 projects currently in UPME's windows registry.

With propositions for thermal power consisted of, UPME checks a pipeline of 18,591 MW of potential electricity generation projects.

In 2021, 6,101 MW well worth of proposals for new wind, solar, hydro and biomass-fired plants were registered with UPME as ongoing by the end of May.

Solar energy projects outnumber others by ability as well as the number of valid proposals, accounting for 67.6% of Colombia's power generation pipeline in the duration 2019 via May 2021.

Of the total amount of 86 projects registered in 2021, 63 are for solar power systems, which, if become aware, would certainly stand for near to 4 GW.

On the various other end are 2 authorized projects for thermal nuclear power plant, contrasted to three in the whole of 2020. This is far listed below 29 and also 26 thermal power projects registered in 2018 as well as 2019, specifically, UPME's information reveal.

Selected figures from UPME's May report are summed up in the table listed below:

Technology: Number of registered projects: Capacity of registered projects:
2019-2020 By May 31, 2021 2019-2020 By May 31, 2021
Solar 150 63 5,393 MW 3,925 MW
Wind 14 11 2,133 MW 2,013 MW
Hydro 61 9 2,266 MW 138 MW
Biomass 1 1 1 MW 25 MW
Thermal 3 2 2,510 MW 188 MW

It is worth noting that the projects are signed up by their level of maturity using UPME's three-phase taxonomy.

In phase 1, there is just a preliminary expediency analysis of the project. In the phase 2 step, UPME authorizes projects that have full assessment of the technological, economic, ecological and also social expediency. Finally, fully grown projects are registered as remaining in the phase 3, which implies that there is a conclusive layout, implementation as well as operation plans, detailed design, timetable and also spending plan.

Since May 31, only 4 solar projects totalling 50 MW and also one 10-MW hydropower project out of the entire pipeline relocated to the stage 3 degree, according to UPME's update.