Vertically placed solar system Sunzaun hits market

Feb 8, 2023 02:44 PM ET
  • Ground-mount installation professional Sunstall has released new venture Sunzaun, a vertical solar system perfect for agriculture applications.
Vertically placed solar system Sunzaun hits market

One of the unique benefits of the Sunzaun is its ability to integrate agriculture and also the manufacturing of environment-friendly electrical energy on the exact same land. This ingenious vertical system has the possible to enhance crop yield, provide shade and develop a microclimate for the plants, while additionally reducing the demand for irrigation as well as manuring.

Agrisolar Clearinghouse published a case study regarding a Sunzaun installment on a vineyard in California, explaining the system's benefits for a ranch. In addition to its agricultural applications, the Sunzaun is additionally suitable for a variety of other settings such as along freeways, beside railways, as a fencing for residential property like residential structures or public spaces, and also any kind of atmosphere that can take advantage of the tiny spatial footprint of the vertical design.

" We are enjoyed use this cutting edge new item to the marketplace," said Helge Biernath, Sunstall Chief Executive Officer. "With our double use technique, Sunzaun will certainly have a high influence on decarbonizing the united state. It minimizes the problems for contemporary farming triggered by climate adjustment and also supplies energy supply for electric vehicles right where it's needed. We are certain that Sunzaun will certainly help our clients save money on their energy costs while also minimizing their carbon footprint."

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