Valorem, T&T Partner for 300MW Polish Solar

Dec 7, 2023 02:47 PM ET
  • Valorem and T&T Proenergy have joined forces to build a 300-MW portfolio of photovoltaic projects in Poland. Together they will drive green energy development and environmental responsibility, taking their first step towards a strong partnership.
Valorem, T&T Partner for 300MW Polish Solar

Valorem and T&T Proenergy have signed a cooperation agreement to develop a portfolio of 300-MW photovoltaic (PV) projects in Poland. T&T will be in charge of the investment process related to the schemes and Valorem will strengthen its positions on the European IPP renewables market. Both parties share a commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation. This agreement marks the first step in the partnership and collaboratively working together to deliver green energy projects in Poland.

What Impact Will Valorem & T&T's Renewable Agreement Have?

  • This agreement will provide 300 MW of clean energy to Poland, helping to reduce emissions and energy dependence on fossil fuel sources.
  • This agreement will help to drive down the cost of renewable energy projects in Poland, making them more accessible for individuals and businesses.
  • The collaboration between Valorem and T&T Proenergy could lead to more innovative solutions for renewable energy projects, leading to more efficient and cost-effective projects.
  • This agreement will help to create jobs in the renewable energy sector in Poland and provide valuable investment opportunities for investors.
  • This agreement will help to spur more renewable energy development throughout Poland, setting a precedent for more renewable energy investments in the country.

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