Vadodara Hospital Installs World's Largest Solar Concentrator

Apr 4, 2023 11:27 AM ET
  • The Kailash Cancer Hospital and Research Centre positioned at Muni Seva Ashram in Goraj has actually mounted the solar concentrator called Bigdish.
  • The solar concentrator is to create adequate heavy steam that will assist the hospital chef 2,000 meals daily besides, laundry and also sterilization services.

Gujarat continues to have an incredibly solar run and also in a new development, the world's largest solar concentrator has shown up in the state. Based on reports, the Kailash Cancer Hospital and also Research Centre positioned at Muni Seva Ashram in Goraj has installed the solar concentrator which is being asserted to be the largest on the planet today. Muni Seva Ashram has actually used solar energy because 1984.

The technology has actually been installed by Australia National University and also Sunrise CSP Australia. The solar concentrator is called Bigdish. The objective of setting up the solar concentrator is to produce enough vapor that will assist the hospital cook 2,000 meals every day. It will certainly also allow handling laundry and sterilization for the hospital. Sunrise CSP Australia is a startup.

According to one of the trustees of the Muni Seva Ashram, Deepak Gadhia, the solar steam produced by the concentrator will certainly likewise reduce electrical power bills of the hospital as it perseverance 1,000 tonnes of air-conditioning in the hospital. With a 400-bed capacity, Kailash Cancer Hospital and also Research Centre is rated 5th worldwide for cancer radiotherapy.

The solar concentrator was inaugurated by Dr Janak Palta McGilligan, the director of Jimmy McGilligan Centre for Sustainable Development.

Deepak Gadhia, Chairman of Sunrise CSP India, stated that the solar focus technology can be utilized in thermochemistry as well as product handling purposes.

Gadhia held, "The otherwise typically understood photovoltaic or pv photovoltaic panels can convert just 20% of the sunlight falling on them right into useful energy in the form of power whereas through this solar concentrator technology, we are able to utilize 90% of the sunlight that falls on the reflector of the solar concentrator."

The solar focus technology is at an incipient stage in India. Recently, state owned Engineers India (EIL) welcomed bids from residential as well as foreign players for the supply of Concentrated Solar Technology (CST) systems for equilibrium of project solutions.

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