Utility-scale solar surges to yet one more record year

Jan 26, 2021 10:17 AM ET
  • Solar energy plants scratched up another record year according to initial numbers released today by utility-scale specialists Wiki-Solar. New setups in 2020 comfortably topped 50 GWAC, well ahead of the 43-GW record attained the previous year. Global advancing set up capacity is now close to 280 GWAC.

The United States and Canada was a major factor to this development, while Europe, South America and Australasia also uploaded big gains. "Something made America excellent once again! It nearly increased its previous record from 2016" says Wiki-Solar owner Philip Wolfe. "We are still waiting for last figures from China, so can not make certain whether the USA moved back to leading country."

Europe also taped strong growth, thanks to unsubsidised projects in Spain and somewhere else, 160% above the peak it achieved in 2015. Meanwhile South America increased its previous record-- embeded in 2018-- as did Australia. The only continents which appeared to reveal little or no growth were Africa as well as Asia, though final figures may change that.

" We release the main annual figures around March, when most of the final data remains in, and will give national data after that. We can highlight local hotspots as well", claims Wolfe. "Texas and Florida, for instance, were significant laggards simply a couple of years ago but have currently rupture onto the stage.".

The revival of the US market owes much to the installation of industrial projects built to please the growing corporate demand for tidy energy. The Big Tech FAANG business have been noticeable customers of solar power, along with many others.

  1. This launch on the utility-scale solar market is readily available below: http://wiki-solar.org/library/public/210112_Utility-scale_notches_up_another_record_year.pdf
  2. Wiki-Solar defines 'utility-scale solar' as 4 MWAC as well as over (≈ 5MWP for PV; ≈ electrical energy for 1,500 families in Europe) see: http://wiki-solar.org/data/glossary/utility-scale.html.
  3. 'Solar Photovoltaic Projects popular power market' was published in 2012.
  4. Wiki-Solar is the leading authority on utility-scale solar with a data source covering over 14,000 utility-scale solar projects, of which regarding three-quarters are functional. All figures arebased upon the AC export rating of functional plants. Projects under growth are left out until they have actually been appointed.
  5. Cumulative installed capability is received this chart: