Utah-Based Power Innovations sets brand-new Hydrogen Fuel Cells Record

Jul 27, 2020 10:46 PM ET
  • Utah-based Power Innovations has actually effectively finished a spots 48-hour test with Hydrogen Fuel Cells, increasing the previous record of 24 hrs
Utah-Based Power Innovations sets brand-new Hydrogen Fuel Cells Record
Image: saurenergy.com

Utah-based energy services carrier Power Innovations has actually introduced that it has actually efficiently completed a spots 48-hour examination with Hydrogen Fuel Cells. In the test, which set a brand-new Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) record, the company powered a complete information centre web server lots-- 200 kW of hyperscale computers and computer system simulators-- for 48 continual hours with HFCs, increasing the previous record of 24 hours, which was established by the firm last year.

By running 4 automobile gas cells in parallel to generate 10,500+ kWh of pollution-free power in 48 hrs, Power Innovation's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Innovation Lab established a brand-new record for hydrogen-generated computer system back-up power. This successful examination demonstrates that hydrogen power is a feasible, long duration, pollution-free solution to data centre main and backup power needs.

What occurred throughout this historical 48-hour examination:

  • 10,560 kWh of power was created
  • 51 kg of hydrogen was taken in
  • 7,000 + L of pure water was generated

" Not many people learn about the international crisis handy related to data centres, however it's something that Power Innovations understands and is exerting to conquer. In the United States alone, information centres call for 90 billion kWh of electricity annually. To place that right into viewpoint, that's as much electricity as is produced in 34 large 500-megawatt coal-powered plants. The numbers are much more astonishing when thinking about the international footprint: roughly 416 terawatts of electricity are required to power data centres around the globe. As huge as these numbers are, they're only growing. Data centre capability increases every three years as well as electricity usage from information centres increases every 4. With this much-projected development, an option for tidy power is critical," the firm provided in its statement.

Presently, information centres normally count on two sources of backup power- an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) as well as a diesel generator. The UPS tool takes over in the case of a power failure and acts as a transitional power supply for the 5-10 mins it requires to turn on a diesel generator. Well-maintained diesel generators can maintain power streaming for as long as they have gasoline. Nonetheless, they have substantial downsides, including not starting when required, being noisy and filthy, having high upkeep tasks and costs, and also creating an excessive quantity of vibrations and also undesirable carbon discharges.

Alternatively, Hydrogen Fuel Cells supply several benefits over standard UPS and also diesel generator back-up remedies. HFCs load a typical UPS and also generator done in one device-- eliminating twin maintenance costs as well as flooring room. HFCs are virtually maintenance free, vibration cost-free, silent, and also can produce bountiful, tidy power for days on end.

" HFCs create absolutely no carbon exhausts despite for how long they are run. That indicates they can be safely used interior or outdoor-- a significant advantage to current options," noted Robert L Mount-- CEO as well as Founder of Power Innovations. In addition, with HFCs you obtain power plus water as well as heating/cooling. "We're not only providing power to maintain the requirements of life and also service, but we're likewise providing substantial amounts of distilled water. When was the last time your diesel generator offered you water?"

" This special test has offered reliability for a fuel cell application for data centres, which changes both the UPS and also the diesel generator as well as generates no carbon emissions."