US solar generation up 25% in 2021, renewables' share of power mix set to surpass coal in 2022

Mar 1, 2022 12:52 PM ET
  • Solar power generation in the United States rose by 25.23% in 2021, making it the country's fastest-growing source of electrical power, while renewables made up 21.02% of all electrical energy and also look set to surpass coal in regards to total manufacturing in 2022.
US solar generation up 25% in 2021, renewables' share of power mix set to surpass coal in 2022
Image: Blue Oak Energy

The figures, released in the US Energy Information Administration's (EIA) Electric Power Monthly report, slightly went beyond predictions made by the EIA at the start of the year however were on the same level with mid-year data, according to a Sun Day Campaign evaluation of the information.

The EIA now expects renewables' share people electrical generation to exceed 22% this year and go beyond that of coal.

In November, a Sun Day Campaign analysis revealed that the first nine months of 2021 saw United States utility-scale solar additions get to 8,410 MW-- a 38% boost on the exact same duration in 2020-- however the EIA expects 21.8 GW of new utility-scale solar capacity and also 4.4 GW of small-scale solar capacity to come online in 2022. It additionally forecasts 7.6 GW of new wind capacity to come online this year.

Taken with each other, solar and wind grew by 15.96% in 2021 as well as accounted for greater than one-eighth (13.05%) people electric generation-- wind stood at 9.12%, while solar was at 3.93%.

Natural gas remained as the top source people power generation with a 37.82% share (down from 40.12% in 2020), while coal recoiled right into second place (21.58% share), growing 16.20% compared to 2020.

Solar as well as wind integrated currently supply more than three-fifths (62.08%) of the generation by eco-friendly sources as they continue to outstrip all other eco-friendly development in the United States.

Solar's share is set to jump considerably over the coming years, with FERC information suggesting that of the 106GW of "high possibly enhancements" in between October 2021 and September 2024, around 51.8 GW will be solar.

If the high most likely projections materialise, solar would represent around 8.9% of the US's installed utility-scale creating capacity in 2024, Sun Day had formerly stated.

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has required solar to reach 30% of all United States electricity generation by 2030, which it said would certainly call for the solar industry to release more than 700GWdc over the next decade to have nearly 850GWdc of mounted capacity.

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