US Firms Malta, Bechtel to Jointly Explore New Energy Storage Projects

Dec 2, 2021 03:59 PM ET
  • The business will certainly interact to create as well as deploy Malta's 10-150+ hour energy storage innovation in a variety of grid-scale applications.
  • The team will concentrate on near-term activities to jointly create a portfolio of long-duration energy storage projects.

Malta Inc., a Massachusetts-based designer of grid-scale, long-duration energy storage, and also Bechtel Corporation, an engineering, construction, and also project monitoring business based in Virginia, are teaming up to seek brand-new energy storage projects all over the world.

The firms will work together to create as well as deploy Malta's 10-150+ hr energy storage innovation in a variety of grid-scale applications, stated an official statement.

" Partnering with Bechtel is an ideal fit for Malta," stated Al Morales, Chief Financial Officer of Malta. "Bechtel's deep understanding of the Malta system's elements, wide impact and customer base, and tried and tested track record of supplying successful projects will certainly aid Malta to speed up and smooth the energy shift."

Working together, Bechtel and Malta plan to recognize and also seize possibilities to deploy long-duration energy storage plants that save power for days or weeks-- transforming periodic power from sun as well as wind right into dependable, on-demand, baseload power. The aspiration is to leverage the Malta system to produce carbon-free electrical energy to decarbonize industrial, agricultural, building, as well as various other markets.

" We are delighted to be working together with Malta to advance the deployment of its ingenious as well as scalable storage remedy that will make it possible for the continued worldwide expansion of renewable resource generation portfolios. The lack of long-duration energy storage services continues to be a key obstacle for the renewable energy industry," stated Bechtel's renewables market lead Scott Austin. "There is no silver bullet for decarbonization, and Bechtel is committed to leveraging our engineering and also building expertise to sustain the quick development of technology solutions that can meaningfully advance the shift to a net zero environment."

The group will concentrate on near-term actions to jointly develop a portfolio of long-duration energy storage projects. Malta specifies that the collaboration's objective will certainly be guided by the Malta system's following crucial attributes:

  • Portfolio Integration: The Malta system can firm as well as incorporate variable renewable energy into existing generation portfolios, making it possible for the enhancement of vastly even more solar as well as wind power as well as alleviating energies' paths to meet decarbonization goals and mandates.
  • Repurposing Fossil Assets: The Malta system can be integrated with retiring fossil-fueled assets, like coal-fired plants, to reuse existing infrastructure, protect against job losses, as well as preserve the tax base of local neighborhoods.
  • Clean Economic Hubs: The Malta system can work as a clean power and also warmth hub to provide clean energy for existing C&I organizations and areas, allow economic development, and attract new organization financial investment from the digital, agricultural, and also commercial fields.
  • Storage as Transmission: The Malta system can be mounted on the transmission system to maximize existing facilities and substantially increase the effectiveness of brand-new investments.

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