US corporate clean energy procurement platform opens in Europe

Oct 3, 2019 04:50 PM ET
  • LevelTen claims its online platform offers small companies the chance to band together to buy green energy and connects renewable energy producers and consumers in such an effective manner it has already driven $1 billion of green energy supply in its homeland.
US corporate clean energy procurement platform opens in Europe
Image: 41330/Pixabay
Seattle-based renewable energy trading start-up LevelTen Energy today expanded a U.S. operation it claims has enabled corporate procurement of more than $1 billion worth of clean energy, to Europe.

The business, which has been connecting renewable energy producers and corporate customers of all sizes via its online ‘Marketplace’ since early last year, says it can already offer clean energy generated at projects in Ireland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the U.K.

In a press release published to announce its arrival in Europe, LevelTen said it had already secured enough commitments from Fortune 500 global businesses keen to buy clean energy to issue its first requests for proposal from renewables companies this month.

Group buying

LevelTen offers smaller companies that were previously largely excluded from purchasing clean energy the opportunity of banding together with other businesses in aggregated, group-buying collectives to take renewable energy from utility scale projects.

The company also offers businesses keen to procure clean energy the opportunity of compiling a portfolio of suppliers to reduce risk by purchasing smaller amounts of power from diverse generation sites.

“We’re committed to making the global renewable energy market more accessible, transparent and efficient,” said Bryce Smith, founder and CEO of LevelTen Energy. “By opening our Marketplace to European developers and buyers we’re following through on our mission to expand renewable markets by dramatically improving the transactions.”

The company says it offers clean energy procurement guidance and extensive datasets as well as standardized documentation, to simplify the process of procuring clean energy.

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