United States PV project safeguards financing

Jan 11, 2023 10:55 AM ET
  • Seminole Financial Services and Blackstone Credit have actually supplied a $104m debt center for the 55MW plant
United States PV project safeguards financing
Image: Unsplash/Chelsea

Revity Energy has protected debt funding for a 55MW solar project in Rhode Island.

Seminole Financial Services and also Blackstone Credit have actually given the $104m debt center that will certainly provide financing for the building of the project.

The transaction represents the sixteenth project Seminole has actually financed for renewables programmer Revity Energy and also its affiliates.

Since 2009, Seminole has actually dedicated more than $2.2 bn in building and permanent debt financing plus tax obligation credit equity for more than 325 solar and also wind setups amounting to more than 1.1 GW in installed capacity throughout the continental US as well as Hawaii.

" Our collaboration with 2 best-in-class organisations-- Blackstone Credit and also Revity Energy-- provides Seminole a strategic benefit and also bolsters our placement in the industry," said Chris Diaz, co-CEO of Seminole.

" We are honoured to work alongside such outstanding talent to make an even better influence in the renewable energy space and also the area all at once."

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