United States to add 22GW of utility-scale solar this year, EIA claims

Mar 9, 2022 08:32 PM ET
  • US utility-scale solar deployment is set to reach a record 22GW this year, with the technology accounting for practically half of the new producing capacity because of be included in the power grid from 2022 to 2023.
United States to add 22GW of utility-scale solar this year, EIA claims
Image: Innovative Solar Systems.

That is according to new figures from the country's Energy Information Administration (EIA), which said a total amount of 85GW of brand-new creating capacity is anticipated to be installed in the following 2 years, 41GW (48%) of which will be utility-scale solar.

Having actually installed 13GW of utility-scale solar in 2021, release is readied to leap nearly 70% this year to 22GW, with large enhancements most likely to continue due to dropping solar innovation costs as well as the 2020 expansion of the solar investment tax credit report, the EIA stated.

Utility-scale solar as well as battery storage projects together represent 51GW of new creating capacity prepared for the following two years, 60% of the complete additions.

Over half of the solar and battery storage capacity is to be mounted in 3 states, with 12GW (23%) planned for Texas, 11GW (21%) in California and also 4GW (7%) in New York City.

The EIA stated declining costs, along with beneficial business economics when deployed with renewables, have driven the development of battery storage space, with 3.1 GW of capacity included 2021. In the next two years, an extra 10GW results from be mounted, greater than 60% of which will be coupled with solar projects.

Figures released last month from profession body the American Clean Power (ACP) Association put 2021 utility-scale solar implementation in the US at 12,364 MW, taking the nation's complete utility-scale solar capacity as much as around 60.6 GW.

Although 66GW of utility-scale PV is claimed to be incomplete or in innovative advancement, ACP cautioned that supply chain obstacles and trade barriers remain to endanger to dramatically delay or even result in the cancellation of projects, specifically those not able to take distribution of modules due to item detainment at ports.

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