United States DOI accepts prepare for Californian 700MW solar-plus-storage project

May 5, 2021 10:34 AM ET
  • The US Department of the Interior (DOI) has announced that the development of a 700MW ability solar-plus-storage project on Californian government land has actually been accepted.
United States DOI accepts prepare for Californian 700MW solar-plus-storage project
Image: DOI/Tom Brewster

The DOI claimed on Monday (3 May) that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has offered final approval to the Crimson Solar Project, a 350MW solar PV array with a 350MW/1,400 MWh energy storage space system that will certainly create power via the Southern California Edison Colorado River Substation.

The project will be had by renewables business Sonoran West Solar Holdings, a subsidiary of utility-scale designer Recurrent Energy and Canadian Solar. It will certainly be improved 2,500 acres of Government land in Waterfront Area, according to an effect statement, and also is expected to require a financial investment of US$ 500 million. The DOI claimed in a statement that the Crimson project will have the ability to power 87,500 homes on conclusion.

The battery energy storage space system (BESS) is expected to have four hrs storage and discharge duration.

California has come to be house to several of the world's most significant energy storage projects over the last few years. At 350MW ability, the Crimson Solar project's BESS is larger than the current size of the lately constructed Moss Touchdown center in Monterey Region, California. The 300MW/1,200 MWh is claimed to be the biggest functional BESS in the world, and also is additionally set to have an additional 100MW/ 400MWh ability added by August.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland said that utilizing government lands for collocated utility-scale projects such as the Crimson Solar project will "help to make America a worldwide leader in the tidy energy economic situation." The project is expected to produce 650 building jobs, as well as 50 procedures and upkeep (O&M) roles over its 30-year life, most of which will be part-time or temporary.

Public lands have become a new battlefield for the US energy shift considering that Head of state Biden took workplace and also set a target of decarbonising the country's energy mix by 2035. Haaland released two clerical orders last month to "prioritise activity on climate modification", and established a Climate Task Force in order to increase renewable energy installations on public lands, while at the same time eliminating Trump-era policies that advertised coal, oil and also gas power manufacturing on those locations.

Laura Daniel-Davis, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Land, said this week that federal lands offer "a tremendous opportunity to recognize the possibility of renewable energy."

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