Turbine shade effect on solar parks to be examined

Feb 10, 2021 07:12 PM ET
  • Consortium consisting of Vattenfall will investigate the impacts on power yield
Turbine shade effect on solar parks to be examined
Image: Vattenfall

TNO, Heliox as well as Zwanendal, Vattenfall as well as Solarfields have actually created a consortium to examine the effects of shade on the energy return of solar parks.

Solar energy and also wind power are somewhat complementary as well as a result an exceptional combination for power generation.

Solar parks and also wind parks are being integrated at an increasing number of places.

A negative aspect of this mix is that the solar panels may be subjected to the color of the wind turbines.

Little is referred to as yet about just how this influences the solar park efficiency.

Based upon the findings, the consortium will compose suggestions on the application of power electronic devices as well as on the layout and operation of mixed solar and wind farms.

The objective is to increase the energy return and restrict the stresses on and also failures of electrical elements.

The research study project will certainly run till completion of October 2022.

TNO researcher Nico Dekker claimed: "Preferably, the wind turbines should be on the north side of the plot and also the photovoltaic panels on the south side.

" However, this is not always possible, resulting in shade from the wind turbines on the solar panels.

" We distinguish on the one hand the gradually relocating shadow triggered by the turbine tower and on the other hand the vibrant, quickly relocating shadow brought on by the turbine blades.

" The slowly moving darkness can be quickly included into the layout.

" Nevertheless, reasonably little is found out about the vibrant, swiftly relocating shadow, which is why we are mosting likely to investigate it.

" An earlier TNO research study, in which vibrant shielding was checked out on a little range, revealed that a dynamic darkness can bring about higher power loss than a similarly big gradually relocating shadow.

" Application of the ideal power electronic devices can decrease this result as well as therefore additionally restrict the extra lots on the setup."

To determine the effect of color, TNO will carry out thorough, high-frequency dimensions at functional solar parks run by Solarfields as well as Vattenfall.

TNO's simulation versions will be utilized to establish the result of gradually moving and quickly relocating shading on the efficiency of as well as stresses on solar panels and power electronic devices such as inverters.

Heliox will certainly analyse the stresses on the power electronic devices and also how this connects to the system design and also the control formulas.

Based on this, the project companions will certainly create recommendations for the style and selection of power electronic devices and for the style and also procedure of combined solar and wind farms.

The aim is to increase the power yield as well as reduce the load as well as failings of electrical parts, TNO claimed.

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