Trina Solar ramps up residential and also C&I solar ambitions with 405W Vertex S, anticipates 10GW manufacturing capability by 2022

Nov 3, 2020 02:34 PM ET
  • Trina Solar is taking aim at property as well as small C&I solar markets worldwide by launching its brand-new ultra-high efficiency 405W Vertex S collection module around the world, with production capacity of the product readied to get to 10GW by the end of 2022.
Trina Solar ramps up residential and also C&I solar ambitions with 405W Vertex S, anticipates 10GW manufacturing capability by 2022
Image: Trina Solar

Last week Trina Solar held Europe launch occasions for the 405W Vertex S, a version of the newly-launched Vertex series of high-power modules with a reduced size, weight and also power outcome specifically targeted at the domestic as well as little C&I-scale markets.

Dr.Franck Zhang, head of product strategy and also market at Trina Solar, told PV Tech that the intent behind the brand-new launch was to utilise the technical innovations developed for the Vertex system and also bring them to a larger audience.

According the study internationally, the length of modules used in rooftop installs is chosen to be less than 1.8 metres, while weight should be included to within 23kg for a single person handling.

The outcome is a scaled down variation, the Vertex S, which delivers a result of 405W with a module performance 21.1%, but weighs around 21kilograms. While 210mm wafers are made use of in the manufacture, 40 full-cells instead of 50 full-cells are utilized, which reduces the product's general dimension and weight.

At 1.75 metres in size, the modules are likewise shorter than their utility-scale equivalents, with Zhang including that Trina meant to strike a fine balance between producing a module that generated even more power than existing residential/C & I modules on the marketplace while additionally suitable comparable layout schematics.

With rooftops particularly offering limited area, Zhang claims the idea has been to increase power result based upon the size offered. Trina states rooftop installs making use of the Vertex S over various other modules (normally those making use of 158mm wafers with an outcome of 340W and 166mm wafers with a result of 370W) on the marketplace today will have around 10-23% more capacity on the exact same location (using a regular rooftop size of 5.3 m by 16.7 m, situated in Shandong Province, China), equivalent to about 1.58 ~ 1.91 KW based on a basic property rooftop installment. The life time electricity generation will depend on 10%-23% greater than conventional modules.

More considerations were offered to both solar element suppliers-- the reduced dimension of the module allows for financial savings throughout transport-- and installers. Surveys conducted by Trina highlighted a number of crucial layout features required for a module targeted at various markets worldwide.

First of all, the module has actually been designed so it can be mounted widely utilizing screws or clamps, with finer information such as hole placements also taken into consideration throughout. The 1/3 cut 210mm wafers made use of in module likewise allow for the present to be preserved at around 12A and also voltage at 41V, meaning that the item works with practically every existing inverter on the residential market today, Zhang claimed.

The Vertex S will ship with a 15-year product workmanship guarantee, however this can be prolonged upon request as well as based upon a consumer's requirements, right the means up to 25 years.

The module is to be released in Europe first-- very first orders are to be expected later this month-- before launches in Japan and also Australia. An US launch is slated for next year.

The launch will, nonetheless, imply that product lines of Trina's face being eliminated. Zhang stated items such as the firm's existing Honey M as well as Tallmax could be phased out in Q2 or Q3 next year, once manufacturing capacity of the Vertex S starts to ramp.

And also Trina has soaring go for the Vertex S. Zhang claimed Trina Solar expects manufacturing ability of the Vertex S collection to get to 5GW next year, rising to 10GW.

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