Trina Solar and also Al-Raebi Ink 500 MW Agreement for Yemen Market

Mar 21, 2023 11:08 AM ET
  • Five-year partnership agreement will aid power houses, C&I as well as utility projects in Yemen.
  • Chinese photovoltaics firm Trina Solar has actually authorized a five-year agreement with Al-Raebi for Trading (Al-Raebi). The partnership will certainly facilitate 500 MW of module shipments for the Yemeni market.

Trina Solar will supply Al-Raebi with 100 MW of its n-type i-TOPCon cell technology modules this year. The five-year agreement will cater to the country's enhancing energy needs.

With the technology of i-TOPCon cells and 210 mm module technology, cell performance as well as module power of the Vertex N series have been thoroughly upgraded, bringing module effectiveness to as high as 22.4%, with power getting to 605W as well as 695W for residential, C&I PV applications and utility settings, Trina claims.

Al-Raebi, Trina Solar's accredited distributor in Yemen, will certainly ensure that the nation benefits from the current technology and quality service by supplying Trina Solar's latest n-type i-TOPCon Vertex N PV modules that are based upon 210mm technology ensuring high integrity and solid performance to partners.

Antonio Jimenez, Managing Director as well as Vice President, Middle East, Trina Solar commented, "We are proud to bring our most current n-type i-TOPCon Vertex N modules to the area. Our long and also prosperous relationship with Al-Raebi permits us to provide the power, performance as well as reliability required to accelerate the adoption of clean energy in the Yemeni market. We are proud to see even more solar projects executed in the area via our accredited supplier Al-Raebi and also deal with the rapidly-growing demand for solar energy in generating power for residential, commercial and industrial needs, in addition to farming and agriculture."

Abdullah M. Raebi, General Manager of Al-Raebi, mentioned, "Solar energy has rapidly gained appeal, as well as became the foundation of Yemen's electrical energy supply, greater than 70 percent of households are currently using solar energy as their primary source *. It also plays a key function in the removal as well as supply of groundwater for irrigation. We are genuinely proud to be blazing a trail in the Middle East solar market by presenting Trina Solar's most current n-type i-TOPCon Vertex N modules that are based on 210mm technology, enabling us to supply the most innovative solar technology to attend to the existing and also future market need."

"Last year Trina Solar as well as Al-Raebi signed a deal to supply 40MW of n-type Vertex modules to cater to the expanding demand for solar energy in the Yemeni market. With the tremendous success that these modules have actually shown, we are now experiencing a boosting demand this year to buy the upgraded n-type modules. The new 500MW offer comes as a strong testament and a clear indication of the outstanding value that these modules are offering to users in Yemen," included Jimenez.

In the n-type era, 210mm technology and also n-type i-TOPCon cell technology will work together by incorporating strengths to highlight the reduced LCOE-oriented principle. Trina Solar will certainly maintain its management and fulfill the increasing market need for high- performance PV modules, the company adds.

Recently, Trina Solar launched a new generation of rooftop modules at a trade fair in Madrid, Spain. The new Vertex S+ n type dual-glass product line was introduced with result power getting to 445W, the greatest in an area of less than 2 square meters.

It may be recalled that Trina Solar had rolled 210 mm n-type i-TOPCon cells off the assembly line in its 8 GW capacity factory in Suqian, Jiangsu province.

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