Transform launches brand-new PV tracker control system

Sep 17, 2020 12:09 PM ET
  • Solar PV tracking manufacturer, Convert, is introducing its TRJ-AI Tracker Control System. The business claims its new TRJ-AI innovation provides the market the opportunity to easily manage, take care of, and also monitor tracking systems from digital devices reliably and from another location to optimize the energy manufacturing of solar plants.
Transform launches brand-new PV tracker control system
Photo: Convert

With energy systems approaching real-time system monitoring, producers across the solar PV supply chain are approaching boosted digitalization as well as AI-based product offerings. Single-axis solar tracking manufacturer Convert is launching its brand-new TRJ-AI Tracker Control System, which offers an overview of the entire PV system as well as the always-connected clever sensing units allow for real-time system management, supplying consumers an adaptable and also dependable monitoring control system. With remote and local system controls, the remedy creates evaluation making use of real-time data that is accumulated, tiered, and also georeferenced in a digital map.

The company states its new service takes full advantage of performance based upon the topography of the plant, the weather conditions, and the tracking parameters of each string. "It aids optimize energy yields taking into consideration real-time problems as well as as-built design," states Antonio Timidei, head of R&D at Convert.

The centralized snow and also diffused light strategy mean that TRJ-AI has the ability to boost tracking times and energy manufacturing even in winter months; it adapts to climatic problems by changing the placement of the panels and also minimizing the possibility of wind malfunctions, snow, or certain climatic sensations. The wind areas and also central wind technique, offer users the capability to manage different locations of the plant while taking into consideration the presentation, roughness, and altitude of each area. The wind instructions information likewise lowers stow time and also wind lots on PV modules.

" Technology is ever-evolving and our commitment is to assure a far better solution and a higher efficiency than the current requirements, every time. Today with the cutting-edge TRJ-AI Tracker Control System, the consumers are able to take control when and where they desire," says Yury Reznikov, vice head of state and also basic supervisor of international solar for Valmont Industries, Inc, the Nebraska-based firm that acquired Convert in 2018. "This means having complete control of your solar photovoltaic plant while boosting return, reducing dangers, and also maximizing O&M costs at the same time."

A remote attribute for third-party provider minimizes O&M manage procedures and operating costs. Centralized commands permit configured upkeep including PV module cleaning and the capacity to take prompt action in case of stormy weather condition.

"The challenge was to manufacture the technological abilities as well as everyday work experiences of our O&M group with our brand-new technological growth, in order to supply the most effective product and services to our customers. Our past experiences integrated with the awaited demands of the future is the key to our success," said Matteo Demofonti, director of industrial sales for Convert.

Made for both utility-scale and also dispersed generation PV projects, TRJ-AI has already begun to be supplied all over the world. Convert states significant demand comes from the United States where installments in Virginia, Oregon, Illinois, as well as Oklahoma are currently unfinished. As well as projects for distributed generation plants in Brazil are progressing.

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