Total Quadran launches a solar-plus-storage facility in New Caledonia

Nov 29, 2019 06:16 PM ET
  • The new facility is the second phase of the 11.2MW Hélio Boulouparis 1. The first phase of the project became operational in May, 2017.
Total Quadran launches a solar-plus-storage facility in New Caledonia
Image: Nicolas Job

The France-based branch of oil & gas giant Total has launched the Hélio Boulouparis 2. The solar-and-storage facility is located in New Caledonia, a France-owned territory in the Pacific Ocean. 

The installed capacity reaches almost 16 megawatt. This is sufficient to supply electricity to over 21 thousand local inhabitants. The plant comprises 58 thousand PV modules. In addition, the facility features a Li-ion storage battery with a 10-megawatt-hour capacity. 

This new installation is the second stage of the earlier 11.2-megawatt project put into operation two and a half years ago. 

As of today, Total operates 7 photovoltaic stations in New Caledonia, the total capacity of which constitutes 50 megawatts. The plants installed by Total supply clean power to almost 140 thousand locals. By now, Total has installed almost 60 per cent of the total solar capacity in the territory and has become the local industry leader. In total, the company group’s green power activity in the area lasts over 20 years. 

The developer has installed over 300 clean energy plants globally, with total capacity almost reaching 900 megawatts. The Helio Boulouparis 2 is said to be the biggest solar-plus-storage project throughout the overseas areas belonging to France.



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