TOPCon solar modules have good showing in PVEL reliability scorecard

May 23, 2023 03:18 PM ET
  • Independent solar testing lap PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) today published its "2023 PV Module Reliability Scorecard," which names 250 model types of PV modules from 35 producers as Top Performers in PVEL's testing, the most in the company's history.
TOPCon solar modules have good showing in PVEL reliability scorecard

In its 9th version, the scorecard offers workable understandings for PV module procurement based upon information from PVEL's lab and also area testing. It summarizes results from the PV Module Product Qualification Program (PQP), an extensive testing routine developed by PVEL in 2012 to give empirical data for PV module benchmarking and also project-level energy return and also monetary versions.

" Solar modern technology and the manufacturer landscape remain to progress quickly, and also with module supply concerns continuing, purchasers require assistance on how to acquire the best possible modules for their jobs," said Tristan Erion-Lorico, VP of sales and advertising and marketing at PVEL, part of the Kiwa Group. "Our 2023 Scorecard features a really worldwide listing of module suppliers. For purchasers worldwide looking to recognize the important differences throughout cell technologies and also module layouts, our Scorecard provides several crucial understandings and also a simple method to undergo the most effective readily available options for programmers."

While the variety of Top Performer manufacturers as well as designs enhanced this year, so did the percent of producers experiencing a failure. Furthermore, virtually one-third of the costs of materials (BOMs) tested experienced a minimum of one failing throughout testing, and 15% of BOMs had a failure prior to stress testing.

An interesting note in the findings: While p-type PERC continues to be the leading cell innovation throughout Top Performers, there are 37 TOPCon design types provided as Top Performers, up from just one in 2022. 9 HJT model types are likewise included this year, up from 2 last year.

" PVEL's Scorecard is an essential resource in understanding exactly how to procure high-performing, reputable modules," claimed Luca Votta, Global Business Sector Leader Renewable Resource at Kiwa Group. "The payments included in this year's Scorecard from Kiwa member companies around the globe additionally highlight how our worldwide know-how is supporting solar development and recurring site procedures in various markets."

Engagement in PVEL's PQP and also scorecard is voluntary for makers and also only top-performing module version types are called in the scorecard. To day, PVEL has tested over 500 BOMs from more than 60 producers for the PV Module PQP.

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