"The Smarter E Europe": Bauer Solar presents dual glass module with approximately 430 watts

May 5, 2023 10:50 AM ET
  • Bauer Solar GmbH from Selzen, Germany exists its bifacial double glass modules "Premium Protect BS-108M10HBB-GG" with 420 to 430 watts at Intersolar.

Consisted of are 108 n-type TOPCon fifty percent cells in M10 style. The efficiency of the modules, which action 1,722 by 1,134 millimeters, is up to 22.02 percent. The connectors are MC4-compatible. The optimum system voltage is 1,500 volts.

The Premium Protect is Bauer Solar's most powerful double-glass module to day. The cells are individually generated in Vietnam, and also the modules are likewise made in Vietnam as part of a joint venture. From July, manufacturing capacity is to be ramped up to 2 gigawatts every year.

The product warranty is thirty years, the performance guarantee additionally 30 years on 87 percent of the nominal power. Bauer Solar is reinsured for twelve years of the item service warranty and 25 years of the performance guarantee. Deliveries began in the initial quarter of this year (Booth No. A3,580).

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