The Indian Connection at HuntPerovskite, No 1 Perovskite Linked Patents Company

Mar 3, 2021 08:03 AM ET
  • United States based Hunt Perovskite Technologies (HPT) revealed yesterday that the USA License and also Trademark Office (USPTO) has actually provided HPT 2 added patents related to its recurring operate in the growth of published steel halide perovskite photovoltaic or pv (PV) devices.

While the first license (US10,907,050) relates to HPT's development of an ink to print nickel oxide as a high-performance interfacial layer in perovskite PV tools, the 2nd license (US10,916,712) connects to HPT's invention of a published, sturdy carbon electrode for planar architecture perovskite PV gadgets.

HPT presently has the largest perovskite PV license portfolio in the United States and also among the biggest in the world. With these newest enhancements, HPT now has actually 24 patents approved by the USPTO and also over 45 extra licenses by various foreign license offices, together with lots of pending applications in 4 crucial areas, including: Materials-Level Sturdiness, Device-Level Durability, Ink Chemistry and Handling, as well as Gadget Testing/Metrology.

HPT is the only known perovskite solar PV innovation developer that has prospered in showing high resilience under accelerated lifetime screening for non-hermetically sealed tools as well as unsafe perovskite materials, while maintaining commendable light-to-power conversion effectiveness.

" Our modern technology development has actually constantly been concentrated on boosting sturdiness and minimizing manufacturing costs via ink-based printing, and also it is pleasing to see that our efforts continue to be verified both by federal government agencies and also our peers in the scientific area," stated Michael Irwin, HPT principal innovation policeman. "Our increasing patent portfolio is a major asset as we remain to seek new collaboration chances with companions as well as investors to aid make highly-durable, inexpensive perovskite PV gadgets a commercial reality."

Hunt also has a crucial Indian-origin participant in its leadership team, in the form of Vivek V. Dhas, Project Technology Manager. A Master of Science in Physics from Ahmednagar Collage, Ahmednagar, India and also a PhD in Physics from University of Pune, National Chemical Laboratory with a concentrate on metal oxide-based nanomaterials and also their application for solar energy technology, Dhas manages the firm's R&D operations. He joined Hunt in 2013 as a senior tool designer. Before Hunt, he was working as a post-doc at University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) on color animated solar cell (DSSC) innovation based on novel organic molecules. To date, Dhas has several UNITED STATE as well as global patents and magazines on DSSC and metal halide perovskite solar cell technology.

Scott Burton leads the company as CEO