Tesla reveals solar array extender trailer with SpaceX Starlink internet terminal

Jul 5, 2022 07:12 PM ET
  • Tesla has revealed a new solar variety extender trailer with a SpaceX Starlink internet satellite system at a presentation in Germany, however don't expect to be able to buy it any time soon.
Tesla reveals solar array extender trailer with SpaceX Starlink internet terminal
Image: electrek.co

As electric lorries come to be extra effective, lots of are starting to think about the potential of adding solar panels to EVs to expand the array. Firms like Aptera, Sono as well as Lightyear have actually had some success with projects including super-efficient vehicles making use of embedded solar cells.

But when it concerns full-size electric vehicles, it hasn't been as preferred since solar power doesn't add much variety because of the reduced effectiveness.

However, many EV owners have been considering including deployable solar panels as mobile independent charging services that could extend the variety of their electrical cars-- occasionally in the form of a trailer. At the IdeenExpo in Hannover, Germany, today, Tesla shocked participants by unveiling a system that equips a trailer with deployable photovoltaic panels:

Tesla additionally brought a Model Y intermediary, showing off its new architectural battery pack with 4680 battery cells, for its booth at the exposition, but the new solar range extender is the extra unique product.

The solar variety extender trailer is additionally equipped with a Starlink satellite internet receiver from SpaceX. Starlink just recently upgraded its system to make it possible for utilizing its terminal to get internet in relocating vehicles.

It's not clear why Tesla developed the trailer and also revealed it at the program, however the car manufacturer is not anticipated to sell it to the general public at any time quickly. If those are all 300W panels (and they look a little tiny for that), then the optimum outcome would certainly be 2.7 kW. That indicates it would certainly generate less than 50 miles of variety a day prolonged or a third of that folded up.

It appears to be more of an attraction for the presentation-- something that Tesla seldom joins other than as a recruiting initiative.

Would you be fascinated in Tesla offering this solar array extender trailer to consumers? If so, let us understand what sort of application you think it would serve for. Let us understand in the remark area.



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