Tenders Issued for Solar Plants for Agro-PV-Concept at NISE Gurugram

Jan 31, 2020 12:45 PM ET
  • NISE has issued a tender for the commissioning of the 30 kWp solar PV power plant at the NISE Campus in Gurugram.
Tenders Issued for Solar Plants for Agro-PV-Concept at NISE Gurugram
Image: saurenergy.com

The National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) has issued a tender, inviting bids from original manufacturers of solar PV modules, for the commissioning of the 30 kWp solar photovoltaic (SPV) power plant at NISE Campus in Gurugram.

The power plant consist of the following PV technologies modules, of the capacities as given below:

1. 20 kWp grid-tied solar power plant with Mono-Bifacial SPV modules.

2. 10 kWp grid-tied solar power plant with Mono SPV modules.

The scope of work for the selected bidders will include the planning, design, research and development, supply, installation, and testing and commissioning of the solar PV power plants for Agro-PV-concept at the Gurugram campus. The project timeline afforded to the selected developers will be 1 month from the date of the award of the contract.

The last date for bid submission is February 17, 2019, and the techno-commercial bids will be opened on February 21, 2019. As per the tender, the price bids are expected to be opened tentatively after 10 days of the opening of the technical bids. All bidders must submit an Earnest Money Deposit of Rs 50 thousand along with their bids.

To be eligible for the bidding process, the bidders should have a manufacturing capability of Mono Bifacial and Mono C-SI PV modules. And, the bidder should have long experience and expertise in the field of SPV and must have designed, manufactured, supplied, installed and commissioned. The firm should also have experience in installing solar PV power plants with different technologies modules.

As per the tender, the modules are proposed to be installed on the ground over a structure at a suitable height. And the array structure for the technology module should be designed for a fixed tilt of 21° Degree except for the Bifacial. The fixed tilt angle should be chosen such that the PV array will occupy minimum space without sacrificing the output from SPV panels. In the case of Bifacial, the structure should have a Vertical fixed (East to West) arrangement to maximise the power output from the PV array.

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