Tender For 100 MW Floating Solar Hybrid Mumbai's On Middle Vaitarna Dam

Nov 18, 2020 04:00 PM ET
  • Mumbai's Middle Vaitarna dam, whose tank is among the 7 key lakes that provide drinking water to the city, could quickly be providing power too, to the city. The Municipal firm of Greater Mumbai has floated a tender for the establishment of a Hybrid floating solar PV plant on the lake, of 100MW capacity.

The plan is to have a Hydro electric and floating solar plant with each other, with the floating solar contributing 80 MW of the 100 MW ability. At the dimension, this could easily be the biggest floating solar plant in Maharashtra, when made. As of now, plans get on the attracting board for over 2GW of floating solar ability in India.

The tender, with a contract duration of 31 months for construction including the gales, complied with by a 25 year O&M duration is a thorough layout, develop, as well as operate required.

For prospective buyers, the very first hurdle is a net worth criteria of Rs 472 crores. Technical criteria includes 3 similar finished works of 32 MW capacity, or two of 40 MW capacity, or one with 64 Mw capacity. On any type of solar project, not floating solar.

The requirements for the hydro electric project is a lot more intriguing, with a certain requirement of running a tiny hydro electric project in Maharashtra with at least 10 MW capability, that need to have functioned for at the very least 10 years with a minimum plant lots factor of 50 percent. It ought to likewise have produced 67 MU (Million systems) of power in a minimum of among the 10 years.

The down payment deposit requirement is Rs 47 lakhs, and Rs 4.25 crores of bank guarantees.

The last day for submitting proposals is December 12, with a ceiling toll of Rs 4.48/ kWh.

It should be added here that thus far, India's experience with floating solar plants has actually not precisely been great, with most such quotes delayed because of numerous reasons. Several of the really particular conditions of this tender (offered at mahatenders.gov.in) likewise do not inspire too much self-confidence. Yet we would certainly like to be proven wrong certainly. So keep an eye out for December 18, when the e-reverse auction ought to more than and victors announced.

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