TAQA to spend USD 1.6 bn in renewables in Morocco

Mar 8, 2023 12:49 PM ET
  • The Moroccan subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) is preparing to invest USD 1.6 billion (EUR 1.5 bn) in renewable resource projects in the North African nation by the end of this decade, its chairman Abdul Majeed Eraqi stated on Tuesday as cited by regional media.
TAQA to spend USD 1.6 bn in renewables in Morocco
Image: EBRD

At a press conference in Casablanca, Eraqi stated that TAQA Morocco's new method imagines the deployment of 1,000 MW of renewables which will certainly help reduce its carbon impact by 25%.

In the area of wind energy, the company has 100 MW in the north and 600 MW in the pre-development stage in the south of the nation. It is also trying to find appropriate locations to install a further 200 MW of turbines.

Pertaining to solar power, TAQA Morocco won last year five whole lots in the Kingdom's solar program Noor PV II. The websites lie in Sidi Bennour and also El Kelaa des Sghrana and also have the possible to host 96 MW of solar capacity.

TAQA Morocco, which operates North Africa's biggest coal-fired power plant of 2 GW near Casablanca, intends to launch two renewable energy projects with an incorporated capacity of 200 MW, one desalination project and 2 various other low-carbon projects in 2023.

Eraqi, cited by Asharq, Hespress and various other regional media, kept in mind that TAQA aims to play a role in Morocco's energy change as well as prepares to discover also possibilities in the location of eco-friendly hydrogen according to the federal government's approach.

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