Swissolar estimates enhancement of approximately 460 MW of PV in 2020

Mar 3, 2021 12:47 PM ET
  • New solar power systems with an ability of an approximated 430 to 460 MW were mounted in Switzerland last year. This represents a development of 30 to 39 percent contrasted to 2019, estimates Swissolar, the Swiss solar power trade organization.

"The enrollment figures with the Pronovo accreditation and assistance firm recommend that the development was not just in little setups, however additionally in those over 100 kW," the company said. Official statistics for solar energy enhancements in 2020 will be released in July 2021.

Swissolar believes that the shortening of the waiting duration for the one-off repayment is especially responsible for the solid market development. This could be reduced to a couple of months. The pandemic likewise most likely had an impact on solar building: "Lots of people had time to recognize long-cherished suggestions, and financially there was a lot more capital readily available because of a lack of other spending options."

The record amount of new building and construction relates to 0.25 to 0.27 square meters of newly mounted space per capita. "To change the nuclear power that is being removed and to fulfill the extra power demand for the electrification of transportation and also heating, the yearly enhancement must be increased to regarding 1,500 megawatts," states Swissolar taking care of director David Stickelberger.

To achieve this, modifications to subsidies, the commitment to use one's own power in new structures, and simplifications in spatial preparation for ground-mounted systems, specifically on infrastructures, are required. For example, many "roofings of stables, stockrooms and comparable buildings" are not furnished with planetary systems since the electricity can not be taken in on website. An existing legislative effort supplies the legislator the opportunity to "create rewards for such setups".

In addition, Swissolar is calling for the implementation of a present regulation in all cantons that would make it compulsory for brand-new structures to generate their own electricity. In a further action, such a responsibility to use other roofing system and facade areas ought to be analyzed.

Additionally, difficulties to the building and construction of ground-mounted systems have to be gotten rid of. A just recently published research shows that solar plants outdoors structures "can just obtain a building authorization with problem." This impacts parking lot covers, systems to protect sensitive farming crops (agri-PV) or alpine installations around ski hotels.