Swell Energy preps solar-plus-storage VPP offer for SCE consumers ahead of wildfire season

May 11, 2021 06:20 PM ET
  • Solar-plus-storage is on deal from Swell Energy to Southern California Edison (SCE) customers signing up in its two online power plant (VPP) programs, which are set to improve neighborhood durability.
Swell Energy preps solar-plus-storage VPP offer for SCE consumers ahead of wildfire season
Image: Office of the Governor of California

Offered to 8,000 consumers in the Orange County, Ventura County and Santa Barbara County areas who have an interest in installing solar powered batteries, the programs are offering residence batteries for a low set regular monthly payment as well as a 2nd residence battery at a minimized price.

This is designed to use consumers and their areas higher resiliency and benefits from onsite backup power, with Swell in particular pointing out the wildfire threat of the Santa Barbara as well as Ventura Counties, which also experience extra regular Public Security Power Shutoffs.

Wildfires in the US state have actually been understood to wreak havoc for power supply, with boosted solar-plus-storage a remedy recommended by Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive supervisor of the California Solar & Storage space Association, following a series of wildfires in August 2020 that saw CAISO declare a state-wide Stage 2 Emergency as well as interest customers to conserve energy to prevent or restrict power failures.

Throughout the Santa Barbara as well as Ventura VPP program, Swell is actively hiring 6,000 houses and small companies to develop over 14MW of capability as well as need response capacities for a 10 years period. It was established in action to Senate Bill 801, which routed SCE to deploy energy storage space to assist regions affected by the partial shutdown of the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Space Facility.

The Orange County VPP program, meanwhile, is proactively enrolling 2,000 locals and also small business to produce a 20MWh clean energy resource. It will provide renewable resource to aid satisfy increased demand from new house advancement without requiring to build brand-new or continue running existing fossil fuel peaker plants, as well as assisting to fill the capability deficiency resulting from the decommissioning of the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in 2013. It will certainly supply energy to SCE consumers during peak need durations for the next fifteen years.

Home owners in both VPP programs are also able to arbitrage both retail and also wholesale energy rates as well as achieve an increased payback on their energy system, with the addition of a 2nd battery to the system further boosting getting involved degrees in the VPP while also broadening power safety and security on website.

Suleman Khan, CEO of Swell Energy, stated: "Swell VPPs ensure home owners obtain the maximum worth from their home battery, and that energy VPP enrollers and also adopters benefit from a big fleet of purposefully positioned batteries. Our recurring energy programs with SCE are excellent designs for the future of our electric grid generally."

Swell's VPP program started running previously this year, and is readied to ramp up over the following year.

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