Sunnova Donates Solar Panels to Nonprofits in Puerto Rico

Oct 4, 2019 12:34 PM ET
Sunnova Donates Solar Panels to Nonprofits in Puerto Rico
Sunnova Energy Corporation is collaborating, through the Solar Foundation’s “Solar Saves Lives” program, with non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico to support critical energy projects on the island.

As part of its commitment to rebuild Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Sunnova is donating repurposed solar panels that will provide urgently needed electricity to communities and individuals throughout the island.

“The lasting effects of Hurricane Maria continue to impact Puerto Ricans and how they power their lives,” said Karla Zambrana-Melendez, general manager for Sunnova in Puerto Rico.

Zambrana-Melendez noted that although two years have passed since the hurricane swept Puerto Rico, there are still projects and communities that need access to power.

"We hope that this donation to solar projects across the island provides greater energy resiliency in communities and allows them to better prepare for future storms," she stated.

Sunnova’s initiative, in collaboration with The Solar Foundation, has benefitted non-profit organizations that work to build self-sufficient and prosperous communities. Among them are Box Power, Foot Print Project, Empowered by Light, and Open World Relief.

Sunnova began operating in Puerto Rico in 2013. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Sunnova undertook one of the largest residential solar fleet restoration efforts in history to repair and replace its customers’ damaged solar systems as quickly as possible at no cost to the customer.

The corporation is helping to reinvent the energy infrastructure landscape on the island through renewable energy, specifically through its solar plus storage service offering, Sunnova SunSafe™.

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