Sungrow Launches New C&I Inverter Solution For South Africa

Mar 24, 2023 11:33 AM ET
  • The new SG125CX-P2 PV inverter solution is designed for diversified C&I roof applications.
  • The SG125CX-P2 brings higher yields, enhanced safety and security, and also a lot more flexible usage, which is anticipated to cause additional development southern African C&I solar market.

Equally As South Africa battles power shortages and also the businesses endure, worldwide energy solutions supplier Sungrow has introduced its new-generation commercial & industrial (C&I) PV inverter solution SG125CX-P2 for the South African market. It was released during the 'Experience Power Freedom' ceremony in Johannesburg.

Organizations are being influenced in performance and also eventually profitability as a result of load shedding in South Africa. Sungrow said that including solar in commercial & industrial (C&I) roofs can substantially boost self-sufficiency, and picking an ideal inverter solution is vital to the return on investment for the stakeholders.

Sungrow held that the new PV inverter solution is created for diversified C&I rooftop applications. The SG125CX-P2 brings higher yields, boosted safety and security, and also more flexible usage, which is anticipated to bring about further development of the South African C&I solar market, claimed Sungrow.

The New Sungrow Tech

According to the business, the SG125CX-P2 enhances the maximum input current to 30A per MPPT, which boosts the DC creating capacity and is compatible with high-powered big style PV modules, therefore developing a higher yield. In addition, the 125kW solution is outfitted with 12 MPPTs, which track points of the highest possible power accurately to ensure the PV system operates at the optimum power generation state continuously. As a result, the total yield increases.

As a result of the optimal IP66 security level as well as C5 anti-corrosion capacity, the solution is durable to extreme conditions like intense heat. Since the task is located in the client's center, Sungrow additionally outfits it with the updated AFCI 2.0 to make sure the safety and security. The AFCI 2.0 system uses advanced electronic innovation to "sense" the different arcing problems to decrease the electric system from being an ignition source for a fire.

In addition, the AFCI 2.0 system can spot arcs with 99.9% precision; such outstanding discovery capability goes beyond the needs of the UL1699B criterion. The double protection safeguards the safest procedure of PV plants throughout the entire day.

Throughout the ceremony, Sungrow additionally introduced its property solutions which are a best combination of crossbreed inverters plus batteries. The alternative solutions enable the seamless button to the off-grid mode throughout power blackouts, offering a flexible, durable, and secure power supply for regional homeowners during the day as well as evening, therefore lowering the dependancy on the general public grid as well as cutting power prices.

"As the number one gamer in the C&I PV market with a detailed item portfolio, we securely think with these industry-leading solutions, our fully grown distribution network, as well as our dedicated service system, Sungrow will cause additional growth of this tactically crucial market," said Phyllis Yang, Head of Sungrow Southern Africa.

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