Statkraft Starts 42.2-MW Solar Farm in Spain

Dec 27, 2023 12:57 PM ET
  • Statkraft is investing EUR 30 million in El Rancho, a 42.2-MW solar farm in Andalusia, Spain. This massive project will generate enough clean energy to power 30,000 homes annually, taking Statkraft's total investments in the region to a staggering EUR 500 million.

Statkraft, a Norwegian state-owned power company, has begun building a 42.2-MW solar farm in Andalusia, Spain. This solar farm, named El Rancho, requires an investment of over EUR 30 million (USD 33.1m) and is expected to take 12 months to complete. Upon completion, it will generate enough clean and affordable electricity to power 30,000 average homes annually.

Statkraft has eight other solar power projects in Andalusia that produce a combined 400 MW of electricity. Four of these projects are located in Cadiz province and the other four are located in Seville province. With the commissioning of El Rancho, Statkraft will have invested over EUR 500 million in Andalusian solar power projects.

What Impact Will Statkraft's El Rancho Solar Farm Have on Andalusia?

  • El Rancho Solar Farm will bring more renewable energy options for Andalusia.
  • It will reduce the reliance on non-renewable sources of energy, such as fossil fuels.
  • The solar farm will be able to provide electricity to 30,000 average homes annually, helping to reduce energy costs for many local families.
  • The local economy will benefit from the investment made in the project, with job creation and increased spending.
  • The project has the potential to create a new source of income for the region from the sale of renewable energy certificates.
  • The project is a positive step towards Andalusia achieving its goal of having 10% of its energy coming from renewable sources by 2020.
  • The solar farm is a clear indication of Statkraft’s commitment to investing in renewable energy in the region.

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