Spaniards produce green hydrogen from solar

Aug 25, 2021 01:16 PM ET
  • Repsol and Enagas project will now create a demo plant
Spaniards produce green hydrogen from solar
Image: Repsol

Scientists from Repsol and Enagas have actually created a cutting-edge technology for the production of environment-friendly hydrogen from straight use of solar energy, through a process called photoeletrocatalysis.

This project is a 100% Spanish R&D development, led by women, and carried out in cooperation with numerous of the most distinguished hydrogen proving ground in the nation.

The following step will certainly be the building of a demonstration plant in Repsol's Puertollano commercial complicated, with the objective of getting to industrial maturation before 2030.

Repsol Technology Lab scientist and among the project leaders Ana Martínez said the development would allow the storage space renewable resource widespread.

It can additionally be used it as fuel in different fields, such as movement, in the residential and commercial fields and, also, as a resources in the market.

Photoelectrocatalysis, which uses only water and solar power to generate renewable hydrogen, is one of the technological pathways that Repsol is working on to decarbonize its hydrogen generation.

Co-leader of the project María Dolores Hernández said: "We are the leading producer and consumer of hydrogen in Spain, and this technology stands for a complete reduction of discharges, compared to the standard methods used to produce H2.

The increase that Repsol is offering to projects connected to eco-friendly hydrogen and, particularly, to this technology, will enable us to continue progressing in our dedication to being a multi-energy vendor and to sustainability, with the goal of ending up being a web absolutely no exhausts firm by 2050."

Research on the photoelectrocatalysis technology started at the Repsol Technology Lab in 2012 and, in 2018, Enagas signed up with the project in a contract that makes both firms co-owners.

Enagas hydrogen co-ordinator Mónica Sánchez claimed: "It is an extremely disruptive technology.

" It is part of our dedication to eco-friendly gases, specifically hydrogen and biomethane, as secrets to attaining the carbon nonpartisanship that we intend to get to at a European degree, and, especially, as a business by 2040."

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