Spain's Ecoener secures green loan for Guatemala solar project

Apr 18, 2024 12:51 PM ET
  • Ecoener secures $64M green loan for 74-MWp solar project in Guatemala, boosting renewable energy growth in the region.

Spanish independent power producer Ecoener SA has secured a USD 64 million green loan from Central American bank BAC and Dutch development bank FMO for a 74-MWp solar project in Guatemala. The Yolanda solar project, located in the Escuintla department, is expected to produce around 165 GWh per year and will operate under a ten-year power purchase agreement.

Ecoener also has another project, the 75-MWp El Carrizo, in Escuintla, which is currently under construction. The financing for the Yolanda project will help further expand Ecoener's presence in the renewable energy sector in Guatemala and contribute to the country's efforts to increase its renewable energy capacity.

How will Ecoener's green loan for Yolanda solar project impact Guatemala's renewable energy sector?

  • The green loan for the Yolanda solar project will increase Ecoener's investment in Guatemala's renewable energy sector, showcasing the company's commitment to sustainable energy development in the country.
  • The 74-MWp Yolanda solar project is expected to significantly boost Guatemala's renewable energy capacity, contributing to the country's goal of increasing the share of renewable energy in its energy mix.
  • The project's estimated annual production of 165 GWh will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote cleaner energy generation in Guatemala.
  • The ten-year power purchase agreement for the Yolanda solar project will provide a stable revenue stream for Ecoener, encouraging further investment in renewable energy projects in the country.
  • The financing from BAC and FMO for the Yolanda solar project demonstrates the growing interest of international financial institutions in supporting renewable energy projects in Guatemala, paving the way for future investments in the sector.

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