Spain issues new laws for floating solar PV plants on public reservoirs

Apr 1, 2022 04:24 PM ET
  • Spain has actually sought to control the installment of floating solar PV on reservoirs in the nation, providing a listing of requirements based mostly on water quality.
Spain issues new laws for floating solar PV plants on public reservoirs
Image: Sungrow Floating

Following Tuesday's council of priests, the Spanish Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO) published a royal decree, relating to the installment of floating solar PV projects on publicly or state-owned reservoirs which are gotten in touch with existing grid links in place.

Granted licenses are to be momentary, lasting no greater than 25 years.

The mandate dictates the amount of the water's surface PV projects can inhabit, depending on the quality of the water listed below the installment. Mesotrophic waters, those thought about 'clear water', will have a maximum capacity of 5% of the reservoir's surface, however this enhances to 15% for eutrophic waters, those with a high biological presence. Hypertrophic waters, those which have a high presence of algae, will certainly be able to be covered by up to 20%.

In any kind of circumstance, a maximum of three private projects will be enabled at the exact same area and also these could be asked to be mounted gradually in order to ensure ecological effects are appreciated and to stay clear of damage to the reservoirs.

MITECO will certainly likewise establish monitoring plans to examine the possible environmental influences and to much better understand how the modern technology functions, nonetheless the ministry did tension it sees it as "valuable not just for energy production yet also for the environment".

The Spanish federal government has today also approved a series of various other steps impacting the energy sector, among others is the fast-tracking approval of solar PV projects of approximately 150MW.

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