Sono to make its solar electric car at Finnish agreement manufacturer

Apr 7, 2022 06:48 PM ET
  • German solar-powered car company Sono Group (NASDAQ: SEV) on Tuesday said it has signed a binding term sheet to generate its Sion solar electrical vehicle at Finnish agreement supplier Valmet Automotive.
Sono to make its solar electric car at Finnish agreement manufacturer
Image: Sono Motors

The car will be created at Valmet Automotive's plant in Uusikaupunki, beginning in the second fifty percent of 2023. The agreement maker will certainly be able to generate over 257,000 vehicles over a seven-year duration. After a ramp-up period expected to take a number of months, the companies anticipate to produce regarding 43,000 Sion cars a year, using just renewable resource.

Sono said that due to general rate boosts, the button to Valmet Automotive and the advancement of new production lines, it will certainly see increased funding requirements of at the very least EUR 275 million (USD 300m) by the start of production.

The business additionally said that as a result of enhanced production costs, it will certainly lift the Sion web cost before taxes as well as subsidies to EUR 25,126 from EUR 23,950 from 18,500 bookings onwards. Presently, there more than 17,000 direct consumer appointments for the car, whose solar half-cells will make it possible for self-sufficiency on brief journeys and extend the variety of its battery.

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