Sono Motors, MVG to introduce solar bus trailer in Munich

Apr 18, 2022 02:55 PM ET
  • A solar bus trailer making use of modern technology by Sono Motors GmbH will enter into service in the Munich metropolitan area in the future as part of a partnership between the solar car company as well as Munich Transport Company (MVG).
Sono Motors, MVG to introduce solar bus trailer in Munich
Image: Sono Motors

The companies wish to test the energy yields as well as using the modern technology in daily operation.

The solar bus trailer will certainly be geared up with 20 semi-flexible photovoltaic (PV) modules with an integrated capacity exceeding 2 kW. Treatment a complete location of 12 sq m, the solar system perseverance the battery as well as electrical loads such as heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning, in addition to the guiding system.

Sono Motors anticipates diesel cost savings of approximately 2,500 litres per bus annually, and also these might boost as the PV cells as well as the power electronics come to be extra efficient. A medium-sized fleet of around 300 buses can thus reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by as much as 2,000 tonnes each year with the solar modern technology.

"The photovoltaic system on our bus trailer now allows us to check under genuine problems exactly how well the power generation works and also whether there are perhaps routes in our network that are much better matched than others for this type of power generation. The question of what power financial savings can be attained by using solar power are, certainly, specifically amazing against the history of current fuel and also power rates," claimed Veit Bodenschatz, Managing Director as well as Head of Bus Division of the MVG.

The solar service's emissions from production amount to a one-off of about 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per bus or bus trailer and could be offset after less than a year.

Sono Motors is the company creating the Sion solar car. The project in Munich is the company's first in public transport. It created the principle in collaboration with MVG.

The Sono Solar full solution includes the solar modules, power electronics, telematics and data, mechanical and electric integration and also the after-sales and solution. It is suitable for integration right into existing vehicles in addition to production-ready growth and also assimilation into brand-new vehicles during manufacturing. In 2021, Sono has actually additionally signed more than 10 letters of intent as well as contracts with companies such as MAN, easymile or ARI Motors for various applications of its solar transport innovation.

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