Sono Motors introduces campaign to rescue Sion solar car project

Dec 12, 2022 12:13 PM ET
  • German solar mobility firm Sono Motors has released a campaign to save its Sion solar-electric car, which seeks to protect 3,500 Sion appointments, as it admitted it fell short to elevate adequate funds to continue the project.
Sono Motors introduces campaign to rescue Sion solar car project
Image: Sono Motors

Versus the backdrop of hostile financial markets, getting equity for Sion has come to be difficult and also dilutive, a statement by the company's presidents and founders Jona Christians and also Laurin Hahn says as well as includes that "we failed to describe to investors why the Sion has the potential to come to be the globe's initial affordable solar-electric vehicle and that there is a huge demand for it."

A possible remedy for the firm would certainly be to concentrate on its solar company, however it wishes to try to maintain the Sion programme which is why it is introducing a 50-day Sion appointment campaign, called #saveSion.

Presently, there more than 21,000 Sion appointment holders, which stands for some EUR 465 million (USD 489m) in potential revenue, in addition to approximately 22,000 B2B pre-orders worth practically EUR 600 million, according to the declaration.

Business, which obtained support in a crowdfunding campaign in 2019, has actually increased over EUR 400 million in financed and also fully commited funding because 2016. It has proceeded Sion to its final manufacturing design, with vehicles from the series-validation fleet currently being tested as well as pre-series manufacturing planned for 2023. The car has an expected list price of EUR 25,000 net.


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