SolarEdge launches 100kW 3 phase inverter in UK

Jul 21, 2021 06:03 PM ET
  • SolarEdge is launching its 100kW 3 phase inverter with synergy technology, created to boost the productivity of bigger PV setups, in the UK.
SolarEdge launches 100kW 3 phase inverter in UK
Image: SolarEdge

The SE100K inverter provides to 150% DC oversizing to increase energy generation, in addition to including an integrated nighttime possibility induced degradation (PID) rectifier to prevent module efficiency deterioration.

The inverter intrduces a pre-commissioning function that enables installers to totally and automatically confirm system components from their smartphones before grid link. This substantially speeds up the installment process, the firm asserted, by flagging and also resolving any kind of potential electrical wiring or connection issues in advance.

Private devices can also be set up by a two-person group without the need for specialist devices as a result of the inverter's light-weight and also modular design, with the bringing more time as well as expense savings.

Additionally, SolarEdge's Synergy technology splits the functionality of solar inverters right into three independent units which are managed by a single management interface, enhancing PV system uptime by making certain that in case of any technological mistakes link to one of the units, the remainder of the system will certainly continue to generation.

The option likewise introduces included security with integrated thermal sensing units on the DC and AC terminal blocks as well as surge protection gadgets along with other security features such as arc mistake protection as well as fast closure.

The inverter is available for order in the following power rankings: 66.6 kW, 90kW as well as 100kW, together with 120kW for 480V grids.

" The brand-new Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology addresses 2 growing needs in the European C&I industry," said Alfred Karlstetter, basic supervisor of SolarEdge Europe. "While offering the core advantages of DC optimisation as well as high-resolution monitoring, it supplies system proprietors and also investors enhanced power as well as scalability for enhanced bottom lines, and also addresses installer demand for faster appointing and setup processes."

Christelle Barnes, UK country manager at SolarEdge, lately spoke at a roundtabe organised by Solar energy Portal publisher Solar Media, reviewing just how the company has actually mounted a lot more in the past 6 months than the remainder of her 5 years at the firm. Particularly, Barnes stated there has actually been a great adjustment in the means solar is viewed due to installers having the expertise, understanding and also most innovative technology readily available to them.

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