Solar wafer prices rise again amidst COVID supply chain disruption

Apr 14, 2022 07:40 PM ET
  • LONGi Solar has actually elevated prices for its 182mm wafers once more as upstream prices remain to edge upwards today, intensified by restraints caused by COVID-19-related lockdowns in China.
Solar wafer prices rise again amidst COVID supply chain disruption
Image: LONGi

In a price note issued earlier today, LONGi raised its price quote for its M10 wafers to RMB6.82 (US$ 0.949) per piece, a boost of 1.8% on the previous price issued on 25 March.

It's the sixth time 182mm wafer prices have been raised until now this year.

LONGi's price alteration comes amidst continuing stress on the solar value chain, with average prices for polysilicon as well as wafers also boosting this week. Pricing data offered by PVInfoLink as well as EnergyTrend recommend average wholesale prices for polysilicon reached around RMB249/kg (inclusive of China's 20% sales tax) this week, while wafer prices likewise edged upwards.

Reports in China suggest the transportation of polysilicon from Xinjiang has been interfered with by neighborhood lockdowns, prompting wafering facilities to reduce exercise rates as well as shutter in some instances.

It complies with a rise in COVID-19 cases in China as well as the lockdown of major cities Shanghai as well as Ningbo, the location of 2 major ports which account for the considerable majority of solar shipments. Road products in the country is likewise stated to be significantly interfered with.

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